Risk management system (RMS)

Risk Management System

Managing the various aspects of Health & Safety compliance can be a complicated and fiddly task for any organisation – big or small.

With this in mind, we have developed our online risk management system, designed to take the burden out of managing safety information and to give your business the ability to streamline and simplify risk assessments.

Our RMS is much more than just a document store, it allows you to:

  • Hold risk assessments data in one place – no complicated multi-systems!
  • Keep a clear audit trail of actions – our helpful diary style log is an effective way to keep on-top of assessments and set deadlines of your choice
  • Set up automatic notification and reminders for actions and assessment reviews for your users
  • Upload images – photographs or PDF files to accompany individual assessments – PDF’s of assessments can be downloaded for publication on intranet sites or publication in the workplace
  • Hold diverse risk assessments for business areas, property, tasks and individuals
  • Monitor the levels of risk and provide real time information on your organisations’ performance with the Dashboard – complete with bar graphs and charts to show your progress. The lower they are, the lower your risk levels are!

The Benefits

We are very proud of our Risk Management System, it offers a wide number of unique benefits that will give either you or your Health & Safety Manager peace of mind and an effective and manageable system.

Here are just a few:

  • So simple & easy to use – as tried and tested by a number of WorkRite customers, feedback on our simple and intuitive layout has been very positive
  •  It is configured to meet your precise needs. Every small detail captured from our implementation planning meetings is integrated to ensure a smooth and effective roll-out and accurate on-going reporting functions
  • Suitable for all devices – you can access your RMS portal on your tablet or phone wherever you are (internet connection required)
  • Customised to suit your organisation – adapt your RMS to complement your workplace environment. Business areas, common hazards and risks can be pre-populated to assist with speedy assessments
  • It can be used by organisations with single or multiple sites and there is no limit to the number of risk assessments that can be held – great news for large businesses
  • Outstanding customer service. WorkRite offers the same high levels of pre and post-sales support on which Posturite has built its enviable reputation over the past 21 years.
  • Automated emails help ensure users complete any outstanding actions and review any new ones
  • Analyse data and provide real time information – no need to spend hours working out your organisations’ performance levels, the system will automatically keep track of these for you, all the overviews you might need to ensure your organisation is compliant and safe you can find in the Dashboard
  • Web based application accessed via the internet, there is minimal impact on your existing IT systems and your IT team will have no additional work to do at all