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The online DSE risk assessment for agile workers

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Meet WorkRite Agile

The online course that teaches you how to work safely, comfortably and productively in the environments you are most likely to use.

Our agile working e-learning course takes you on a personalised, interactive journey following the health, safety and wellbeing challenges faced by a cast of memorable characters as they go about their daily agile working lives.

An interactive journey

Dynamic user journey

Unlike traditional e-learning courses, our new agile working course does not follow a linear design. The journey to the end can take many directions, with the user choosing which environments to explore based on their own unique working habits. This dynamic user journey ensures staff need only work through the content most relevant to them.

Rich, relevant subject matter

WorkRite Agile includes full content from the following courses:

Office DSEHomeworkers DSEMobile workers

It also provides an overview of:

Manual handlingSlips, trips and fallsOffice health and safetyWorking at heightStress awareness

Choice of environments

After completing the core ergonomic principles module, users are invited to choose their primary working environment. The course will then take them through training content and an assessment appropriate to the way they work.

On the go

On the go

At home

At home


In the office

Not the right terminology for your organisation?

Just let us know and we can tailor the terms according to your house style.

REMEMBER: You still have a legal responsibility to protect your staff from the risks of using display screen equipment (DSE), even when they’re working outside of the office.

Self-assess as you go

Choose and edit your content

Tailoring course content has never been easier thanks to our intuitive, visual course builder. We can edit WorkRite Agile for you, or you have the option to access the course and make these edits yourself. This is useful if you need to change elements of the course to suit the terminology, policies and content relevant to your organisation.

Note: Course Builder purchased separately.

Input device selection

The user is asked to select the devices they use most frequently, which helps you with reporting and auditing on the equipment being used.

Computer icon


Laptop icon


Tablet icon


Mobile phone icon

Mobile Phone

Self-assess as you go

As you work your way through your chosen environments you’ll be asked to answer questions about your set-up. This will determine the content you need to complete later on. Those required to take the DSE workstation module will pass a test upon completion to help them remember the things they’ve learnt.

Self-assess as you go

Work through bright, interactive illustrations

Our illustrators have shaken up the style of our e-learning illustrations to make them brighter with a stylised, contemporary pop. Users can enjoy detailed backdrops with interactive elements to make learning more engaging and enjoyable.

Get to know a cast of unique characters

We wanted to make learning fun and relatable with the inclusion of a cast of characters who all work in different industries and roles. This grounds vital information in real-life situations, making it both easier to digest, and easier to remember.

David character


Ann character


Jan character


Zoe character


Tim character


Sara character


Animations and audio narration

Agile working is all about freedom of movement - so why keep our e-learning static? Our new course includes simple animations to illustrate ideas and keep users engaged. The entire course is narrated too, so users can both listen to and read on-screen text. This way, more than one learning preference is catered for.

Immerse yourself in engaging real-life situations

The course takes users on a journey through a variety of environments and scenarios, from cafes and hotel lobbies to living rooms and offices. This provides scope for a greater variety of potential risks.

Optional content

Users can choose to end the course once they complete their chosen environments. Or - if they’re curious, they can learn about other environments by unlocking these modules. As employees’ roles develop and evolve, chances are their environments could change too. This feature allows you to unlock content without the need to buy any additional courses.

Learn from trusted ergonomists

All of our course content is planned and verified by qualified health professionals and ergonomists. We’ve been leaders in the ergonomics market for almost three decades, and we’ve spent over 15 years mastering our e-learning division. Our client-base includes 75% of the FTSE 250, in addition to many small businesses and not-for-profit organisations. To find out more about us and who we help, please visit our About Us page.

About us

What all this means for your organisation

The agile life is dynamic, reactive, fast-moving and free. Employees enjoy a better work-life balance and feel a stronger sense of commitment and loyalty. Organisations start to look and feel more appealing, attracting sparkling new talent and retaining valuable employees. But with greater freedom comes greater risk - especially when it comes to important health and safety matters like display screen equipment set-up. When employees are out of sight in a variety of different locations and environments, how do you effectively manage those risks?

You still have a legal responsibility to protect your staff from the risks of using display screen equipment (DSE), even when they’re working outside of the office. WorkRite Agile allows you to train staff to protect themselves in any environment. This leads to:

Lower training costs

Lower training costs

Healthier staff

Healthier staff

Happier staff

Happier staff

Lower absenteeism

Lower absenteeism

Lower presenteeism

Lower presenteeism

Productive workforce

Productive workforce

With WorkRite Agile, you can manage all staff training records in the same place, making reporting and auditing far easier. If particular issues are flagged up the course, further action can be taken before musculoskeletal niggles become real, costly problems.

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