Assistive technology

A lack of proper training in how to use assistive technology (AT) can lead to abandonment of products before they have a chance to help.


Assistive technology (AT) training is when an experienced AT professional comes to your business premises to show employees how to get the best out of any assistive tech they’ve been given to support their work, such as magnifiers, dictaphones, or colour overlays.

Why is AT training important?

If you’re investing in assistive technology for employees who need it, then you’re already on the right track towards fulfilling your legal duty as an employer. However, we know that when budgets are tight it’s tempting to dismiss assistive tech training as an unnecessary cost. But is it enough to provide the tools, without any direction, advice, or assistance?

One US study found that 29.3% of AT devices are abandoned by their users. This, researchers said, 'may have serious repercussions for individuals with disabilities and for society'. The reasons for abandonment vary from lack of consideration of the user’s own preferences, to poor device performance. Our AT training supports employers and employees through the whole process of procuring and using AT devices to maximise their benefits and monitor their effectiveness. We match the best products to the individual and show them how to use them properly.

What AT training do we offer?

The assistive technology training session we offer is a personalised session focusing on how particular AT products can help in specific tasks or work routines and methods. We spend time with the individual to work out their needs and devise the best course of action. It is our belief that this method, as opposed to simply buying AT devices, is more beneficial to both the employer and the employee. It is a way of making sure employees are heard and their needs taken care of. It also limits abandonment and better utilises the company’s resources.

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