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DSE is a part of so many workers lives and there are health issues can come about with poorly designed workstations or improper use of DSE, including overuse. At Posturite we can help promote positive DSE practices with your organisation through training.

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We offer a range of DSE courses to suit whichever role you have at your workplace whether that’s carrying out DSE risk assessments, or providing support and solutions for colleagues.

All our DSE courses include up-to-date working methods to accommodate the increase in hybrid working a lot of organisations are experiencing.

Choose your DSE course

DSE assessor icon

DSE assessor

Ideal for those who wish to learn how to carry out DSE assessments.

DSE workshop icon

DSE workshop

A chance to discuss all forms of DSE while getting hands-on with some of the best solutions on the market.

DSE advisor icon

DSE advisor

Learn to help colleagues with DSE by providing advice and tips on their workstation, whether that’s at home or in the office.

Which course should you choose?

If you would like to be able to carry out DSE assessments for end users then the DSE assessor course is the one for you. This course gives absolute beginners the skills, knowledge and confidence to conduct workstation assessments in line with DSE regulations.

If you are already a DSE assessor, or are heavily involved with DSE activities, then you may want to consider our DSE workshop where you will have the opportunity to look at product and ask questions based on your experiences.

Our DSE advisor course is suitable if you need some quick and immediate advice to pass onto your employees. Having internal advisors as an early point of contact will assist staff members to achieve a suitable workstation set-up, keeping them comfortable, productive and injury-free while they work.

How would you like your course delivered?

On-site icon


If you prefer your course delivered in person, then choose the on-site method of providing face-to-face learning with an instructor at a physical location.

Remote icon


If your employees aren’t all based in the same location, a remote course - delivered live by a trainer in a virtual classroom - can provide a cost-effective alternative.

Where would you like to be trained?

Hosted icon


You choose the date, delivery method and location (usually your office, or else remotely), and we provide the training and any necessary equipment.

Drop-in icon


We organise the date, location (on-site or remotely), hospitality, training and equipment. You simply turn up and join the group or meeting.

Why choose Posturite training?

Over the past few decades Posturite has built an excellent reputation in the sectors of ergonomics, health and safety, and workplace wellbeing. Our training team is made up of qualified health professionals, ergonomists and experienced DSE assessors who all share a passion for teaching people about healthy working practices.

Here are just some of the reasons our clients sign up to our DSE training courses

Education icon

Education is the key to a healthier, more productive workforce

Cost-effective icon

Cost-effective and simple way to comply with DSE regulations

DSE experts icon

Learn from DSE experts

Specific policies icon

Company’s specific policies and issues can be addressed

MSDs icon

Fewer work-related MSDs

Less absenteeism icon

Less absenteeism

Greater productivity icon

Greater productivity

Saving icon

Huge long-term money saving potential

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