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Emergencies happen. Give your staff the power to save lives with first aid courses and Qualsafe qualifications from Posturite.

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Whether you’re looking for an officially recognised first aid qualification, or specific training in subjects such as AED use or paediatric first aid, we are here to help you. All of our first aid courses are run by experts with a wealth of experience in first aid, health care and the emergency services. Simply select the course you’re interested in to read more and get in touch to book your training.

What first aid course should you choose?

All businesses, no matter what the size, are legally required to have appropriate measures in place to help immediately if someone falls ill or hurts themselves at work. Because all businesses are different, working out exactly what these appropriate measures are can be a challenge. That’s why we’ve developed a free online training requirements calculator in collaboration with Qualsafe.

Our first aid calculator gets to the roots of your training needs in just three steps and instantly emails you a report which provides a full breakdown of how many first aiders you need and what kind of training they require.

First Aid Requirements Calculator

Why choose Posturite first aid training?

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We come to you

For convenience and considerable cost savings over sending staff away

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Qualsafe registered

One of the largest awarding bodies in the country to ensure high standards

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Top first aid trainers

Engaging content is presented by our qualified and highly experienced trainers

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Equipment provided

We provide all training equipment such as AEDs and dummies for CPR

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Hands-on experience

Get to know equipment and techniques in staged scenarios

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Requalification reminders

Staff can receive reminders when their qualifications are about to expire

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Blended learning

Our first aid refresher e-learning course keeps knowledge fresh between requalifications

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Engaging sessions

Enjoy a mix of practical, group, individual, multimedia and written work

How often is first aid training needed?

First aiders need to retake their qualification every three years. We also recommend that they take our 3.5 hour annual refresher as well as our first aid refresher e-learning course. The e-learning course can be taken at any time and is an excellent way of keeping knowledge fresh, as delegates tend to lose confidence over time.

Why is first aid training at work important?

Why is first aid training at work important?

First aid skills save lives. Whether it’s knowing how to tie a tourniquet to stop life-threatening bleeding, how to administer CPR on a child, or feeling confident with an AED: the fact is, you never know when these skills might be needed.

First aid is a valuable life skill. In workplaces it is vital, and required by law, to provide adequate equipment, facilities and personnel to give casualties immediate attention. This law applies to all workplaces, even those with fewer than five staff members.

Don’t take a risk. Book a first aid course today to equip your staff with the necessary skills to keep your workforce healthy and safe.

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