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Health & safety training

Why is health and safety training necessary?

Employers, employees and self-employed people all have certain legal responsibilities when it comes to creating safe environments at work. These regulations are in place not only to protect the people who work for you, but to protect your business if an employee were to suffer an injury or illness as a direct result of work. If you are found to be in breach of health and safety regulations, you, your business, or an individual manager may face prosecution. This can result in a fine of up to £20,000 per breach and/or imprisonment.

More than 200 people are killed every year in incidents at work, with another 1 million suffering injuries and 2 million suffering illnesses caused by, or related to work.

Why take the risk? Put appropriate health and safety measures in place, save potentially damaging costs and let your employees know you value them. It makes perfect business sense.

What health and safety training does my business need?

All workplaces present different risks. It would be incredibly time consuming, costly and impractical to protect against every possible eventuality. So how do you know what health and safety training to undertake? According to the law employers have a duty to put health and safety measures in place that are ‘reasonably practicable’. You can determine what is ‘reasonably practicable’ by using our easy-to-manage WorkRite risk assessment software.

What health and safety courses do you offer?

  • Manual handling
    3 hour course designed to give staff an all-round understanding of manual handling risks in their working environment.
  • Manual handling train the trainer
    3 day course that provides delegates with the skills to teach manual handling techniques to other people within their organisations.
  • Fire warden (half day)
    3 hour course with expert trainers who make sure delegates are qualified and confident with their duties as fire wardens.
  • Fire safety awareness
    1.5 hour course to give staff a greater understanding of fire safety awareness in the workplace.
  • Fire extinguisher training
    2 hour course to give staff the confidence to successfully extinguish a small fire in the workplace.
  • Evacuation chair training
    2.5 hour course that teaches delegates how to safely use an evacuation chair.
  • Evacuation chair training for trainers (EvacuRite)
    1 day course that provides delegates with the skills to teach other staff members how to safely use an evacuation chair.
  • IOSH working safely
    1 day course offering any staff members basic knowledge of workplace health and safety.
  • IOSH managing safely
    1 day course devised to train managers to apply health and safety measures as part of an overall management strategy.

Why choose Posturite for health and safety training?

  • Engaging face-to-face training with health and safety experts
  • Hands-on, practical learning
  • Cost-effective and simple way to comply with health and safety regulations
  • Company’s specific policies and issues can be addressed individually
  • Education is the key to a healthier, safer workplace
  • Improve chances of survival in case of emergency