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BakkerElkhuizen UltraBoard 960 Compact Standard Keyboard (Wired)

BakkerElkhuizen UltraBoard 960 Compact Standard Ke...
1 review
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Travel-size keyboard with number pad for easier data entry. more info
£85.86 £71.55
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The BakkerElkhuizen UltraBoard 960 offers all the ergonomic benefits of a compact keyboard, with the functionality of a numerical pad included. Compact keyboards do not typically include a number pad. This is to reduce the width of the device and limit your hand's travel distance between the mouse and keys. The fewer repetitive movements, the lower your risk of developing aches, pains and upper limb disorders when you're working for long periods. If you regularly type numbers, having a number pad can really help with your speed, accuracy and productivity. That's why the UltraBoard 960, at an impressive eight centimetres narrower than a full-sized keyboard, is the perfect solution.

Not only can you achieve a more comfortable position with the UltraBoard 960, you'll also save space on your desk and help cultivate a stylish, minimal aesthetic. If you're taking your work on the road with you, you'll love how lightweight and slim this keyboard is - and with 2 USB ports, you can make sure you stay connected.

  • Compact design with number pad built in
  • Keys have light background with dark letters to reduce reflection
  • Concave keys guide your finger to the centre for speed typing
  • Slim profile and lightweight design makes it easy to travel with
  • 2 USB ports keep your devices connected and charged
  • Plug and play for instant use
Dimensions (W x H x D):
363 x 19 x 147 mm
Cable length:
1550 mm
628 g
5 years
3 / 5
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