How to use the reporting suite like a pro


Friday 20 November 2015


Ella Styles


During this session Ella will cover all of the functions of the new reporting suite (released earlier this year), but the key focus will be to demonstrate how you can best find the information you need quickly and efficiently. This will include:

  • an explanation of what each report covers and what they can be used for.
  • primary and secondary filters (the differences and how to use them)
  • saving reports (including scheduling)
  • exporting reports (csv, excel and PDF)
  • dashboard functionality explained
  • emailing from the reports

The webinar will last for about half an hour, including time for questions and answers.


Ella Styles joined Posturite in 2013 as a member of the WorkRite Support team, where she gained a comprehensive understanding of the WorkRite system and learnt a lot about the complexities of some of our customers’ companies and how best to utilise WorkRite to meet their needs.

Earlier this year Ella moved into a client facing role and became one of our Implementation & Account Managers. Through this she has experienced a variety of scenarios that have been pivotal in the on-going development of our new reporting suite and this webinar is all about sharing those examples so that all customers’ can benefit from this work.

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