An introduction to WorkRite and AssessRite


Friday 9 January 2015


Ryan Church


This webinar will give the listener a introduction to the training services we offer, in particular our flagship e-learning software, AssessRite. We will show you the benefits of using e-learning for completing staff DSE training and assessments, improving staff wellbeing whilst ensuring compliancy with the DSE regulations.

AssessRite can provide you with a single source solution for all of your health and safety training needs and will educate staff to be aware of the risks of using computer equipment or any other forms of inputting device including tablets, laptops and smartphones which are such a prominent feature in today's offices.

The webinar will last for about half an hour, including time for questions and answers.


Ryan Church, WorkRite Sales Manager has been at Posturite for over 8 years and is responsible for the growth and development of the WorkRite division.

Prior to joining Posturite Ryan spent 3 years as a Personal Trainer and a further 3 years in the telecoms industry. This gave him a sound understanding of both the human body and the various technologies that can be found in the market place, all of which can be closely related to the products and services provided by the WorkRite division. His role now is primarily to ensure our customers understand the features and benefits of our suite of e-learning courses and systems.

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Q: Does the system flag up when the self-assessment has to be done again? And does the user have to go all through the module again, or is there a ‘condensed’ version for the purposes of refresher training / re-assessment?

A: I’m pleased to say the WorkRite system does indeed automate a notification to the user when they are due to re-assess. They will also receive further non-completion reminders if not complete within a designated period of time. There are also options with regards to any training you want them to go through ahead of re-assessing.

Option 1 – make the whole course (training, test and assessment) mandatory. [25mins]

Option 2 – give the user access to the training so they can review any sections they wish, before completing their assessment. [5-25mins]

Option 3 – offer an abridged assessment option, where the user is asked “has anything changed since your last assessment” [2-8mins]

Each of these three options would come FOC and would be arranged during your implementation. However, should you want a shortened course to be created specifically for Clinigen Group, this is entirely possible, but may require a small development charge.