Understanding equality & diversity in the workplace


Friday 10 June 2016


Ellie Hale


Our free equality and diversity webinar will cover the following subjects and ideas:

  • What do we mean when we talk about equality and diversity, and why is it important to ensure your staff have sufficient training on this subject?
  • The UK population is getting more and more diverse every day and we will talk you through the financial and legal importance of recognising that.
  • How can you and your company help to create a fairer society ensuring each person is given the opportunity to fulfil their potential.
  • What is the Equality Act, what protection does it offer and what are the protected characteristics?
  • What types of discrimination could you encounter?
  • What responsibilities do employers have under the Equality Act?

We will take you through our equality and diversity e-leaning course, chat about our experiences and talk about how the course can help you make sure your staff get the right training


Ellie Hale started at Posturite in 2014 and has quickly established herself as a key member of the WorkRite team.

Prior to joining Posturite, Ellie worked in business development in Sydney, Australia for five years. Her degree is in law which has given her a solid understanding of the legal obligations employers have to their staff with regards to health and safety training to remain compliant. Ellie’s role is to travel to potential clients to demonstrate the WorkRite system and show how it can streamline their processes and procedures.

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