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Help prevent financial crime in your business: anti-money laundering e-learning


Friday 11 March 2016


Ellie Hale


All employees working in the regulated sector need to be vigilant for signs of money laundering and follow the steps outlined by the 2007 Regulations.

What are the common signs of Money Laundering?

How do front companies work? What is Customer Due Diligence and when is Enhanced Due Diligence needed?

What is the problem with Beneficial Ownership? How do you report suspicious activity and when is your accountability?

If you work within the industries of:

  • financial and credit institutions
  • legal firms
  • accountancy firms
  • tax advisory
  • casinos
  • estate agency
  • Insurers and Mortgage brokering
  • Or any regulated financial sectors - This webinar will be most useful to you.

We will take you through the key factors involved in Money Laundering by showing you WorkRite's latest e-learning course.

Test your own knowledge on the subject as we take you through the course

The webinar will last for about half an hour, including time for questions and answers.


Ellie Hale started at Posturite in 2014 and has quickly established herself as a key member of the WorkRite team.

Prior to joining Posturite, Ellie worked in business development in Sydney, Australia for five years. Her degree is in Law which has given her a solid understanding of the legal obligations employers have to their staff with regards to Health and safety training to remain compliant. Ellie’s role is to travel to potential clients to demonstrate the WorkRite system and show how it can streamline their processes and procedures.

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