The art of conflict resolution in business


Friday 8 April 2016


Ellie Hale


Conflicts in the workplace are almost inevitable, whether they are between colleagues or with customers. The way they are handled can have a massive impact on the way your organisation is perceived by customers, clients and staff.

Join us on our next webinar as we take you through our e-learning course on conflict resolution, as an understanding of the common causes of conflicts will enable you to avoid them and help to manage and reduce their impact.

We will be exploring commonly asked questions such as: What are the common causes of conflict?, Why is communication important? How can body language and tone affect someone's perception of you?, Have you given your staff training on how to recognise aggressive or dangerous behaviour? and Have they been briefed on what to do should conflict escalate?

This webinar will ask you to join in on live polls as we learn about the causes and remedies to conflict in the workplace to protect your staff and customers.

The webinar will last for about half an hour, including time for questions and answers.


Ellie Hale started at Posturite in 2014 and has quickly established herself as a key member of the WorkRite team.

Prior to joining Posturite, Ellie worked in business development in Sydney, Australia for five years. Her degree is in Law which has given her a solid understanding of the legal obligations employers have to their staff with regards to Health and safety training to remain compliant. Ellie’s role is to travel to potential clients to demonstrate the WorkRite system and show how it can streamline their processes and procedures.

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