Workforce on the move – training staff who travel for work


Friday 15 January 2016


Ellie Hale


Do any of your workforce carry out their jobs on the road? Do any of your staff have to travel around the country or internationally as part of their role? This webinar is focusing on these employees and your duty of care towards these staff.

Case law is clear that an employer’s duty of care to their staff is not limited solely to UK – Our Personal Travel Safety course takes you through this and makes your staff aware of the duty of care they owe themselves while travelling for work, how best to plan for business trips, how to prepare for foreign travel and what to do in an emergency.

Mobile workers have different risks to those people who have a permanent office-base as their workplace is varied and they are frequently working on their own. Our awareness course, MobileRite is for staff who adopt a flexible work environment and work on the move – How do you keep data secure? How do you ensure you are working ergonomically? How do you protect yourself when transporting valuable work equipment and technology?

We will also take you through our Driver Awareness course which serves as a great tool in ensuring your drivers are aware of your policies and procedures when it comes to driving on business.

Please sign up to ask us questions in our live chat and find out how WorkRite can help you deliver essential training to staff working in the field or out on the road.


Ellie Hale started at Posturite in 2014 and has quickly established herself as a key member of the WorkRite team.

Prior to joining Posturite, Ellie worked in business development in Sydney, Australia for five years. Her degree is in Law which has given her a solid understanding of the legal obligations employers have to their staff with regards to Health and safety training to remain compliant. Ellie’s role is to travel to potential clients to demonstrate the WorkRite system and show how it can streamline their processes and procedures.

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