A discussion on employee wellbeing

Date & time

Friday 17 November, 12.30pm


Jason Chadwick, Health & Wellbeing Consultant


We feel that the days of employee wellbeing being seen as a ‘fluffy extravagance’ are thankfully long behind us, so we really hope this engaging webinar will clarify how Posturite is now able to support and advise your organisation on this fast growing area of any organisation.

Whether you have an existing wellbeing programme you wish to develop, or maybe you’ve been tasked with starting one from scratch, we hope this discussion will stimulate ideas, thoughts and questions on how best to engage with your employees from a wellbeing perspective.

We will discuss what employee wellbeing means to Posturite, the barriers faced by organisations and how we can offer support and advice to help our clients develop effective wellbeing strategies based on data.

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About the speaker

Jason Chadwick

Being a sports-mad boy from South Wales , it was no surprise to his parents that he went on to study sports and science before embarking on a career in the health and wellbeing Industry for the last 25 years.

Within this time Jason has gained valuable experience working for organisations such as the BBC, Reuters and the House Of Commons. Since 1998 he has been running an employee wellbeing consultancy firm, which has specialised in delivering evidenced-based wellbeing solutions to a number of SMEs and Blue Chip organisations.

Jason is delighted to be joining the team at Posturite as their Health & Wellbeing Consultant. We want to offer our support and wellbeing services to as many organisations as possible and look forward to becoming a trusted wellbeing partner.

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