How should we tackle human failure in health and safety?


Friday 19 May 2017


Ed Milnes, Guildford Ergonomics


Human failure – errors, mistakes are believed to be behind around 90% of workplace incidents. This webinar looks at how non-high-hazard businesses and SMEs in particular can benefit from focusing on the underlying causes of human failure at work.

The webinar will focus on safety at work, but the same concept can be applied to quality and other production issues. How often do we look at the root cause of human failure to see how we can stop the error from happening again? There are business benefits in looking further and longer than the error itself.

In this unmissable webinar, health and safety expert Ed Milnes will provide five key take-away messages with details of how to get further help and information.


Ed is a chartered ergonomist with a background in health and safety ergonomics and human factors. Ed worked as a specialist ergonomics inspector for the Health and Safety Executive for 16 years, applying ergonomics to incident investigations and supporting development of guidance for industry. In this role, and more recently as an independent consultant, Ed has worked across a broad range of industries, from general manufacturing and offices, to the high-hazard sector. Ed now runs his own ergonomics and human factors consultancy based in Guildford, south-east UK.

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