The importance of safeguarding


Friday 5 May 2017


Ellie Hale, WorkRite
Sue Dixon, Deputy Headteacher, Willingdon Community School


Employers have a legal duty to protect children and vulnerable adults in the workplace, but who is vulnerable, what do we need to protect them from, and how should we do so? In this webinar we will discuss the content of our latest e-learning course, which takes users through the laws and processes in place to protect vulnerable individuals in the workplace. We are also delighted to have deputy headteacher Sue Dixon onboard to share her expert advice. Please join us for this quick, educational lunchtime webinar by registering now.


Sue Dixon has worked at Willingdon Community School for the last twenty years, starting as a part-time English teacher before moving up to her current position as Deputy Headteacher eight years ago. She has also been the school’s Designated Safeguarding Lead for the last 10. Sue has a wealth of knowledge and experience in child protection and safeguarding, and has been involved in pastoral work throughout her career. The emotional and welfare needs of young people have never been so significant as at the present time and Sue believes all schools and other organisations now need to address not only a greater number of safeguarding issues but also ones of greater complexity.

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