The most significant development in health and safety criminal law since 1974?

Date & time

Friday 20 October, 12.30pm


Dr Simon Joyston-Bechal


Leading health and safety lawyer Dr Simon Joyston-Bechal will discuss the proposed new sentencing guidelines covering gross negligence manslaughter. These retrospective changes are set to increase jail terms for the worst workplace safety breaches causing death. They propose a new maximum jail term of 18 years - and sentences are also set to increase to an eight-year starting point in mainstream cases.

Listen in to the webinar to gain new insight and understanding into the implications of this change in sentencing - and practical tips on the actions you need to take to protect yourself and your colleagues from imprisonment.


Dr Simon Joyston-Bechal

Dr Simon Joyston-Bechal is widely regarded as one of the UK’s leading health and safety lawyers. He is a director at Turnstone Law and previously qualified as a doctor, putting him in a unique position to deal with technical, safety and health-related legal issues. In addition to defending health and safety enforcement, he focuses on training senior management and advising organisations on legal preventive measures to reduce the likelihood of prosecution in the event of an incident.

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