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Developing a true ‘just culture’ - background and applications

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Date & time

Friday 18 May 2018, 12.30pm


Ed Milnes, Guildford Ergonomics


Just culture is a concept that has been around for a number of years, but is still a goal rather than a reality in many organisations. In some of the most high-stakes sectors such as aviation and healthcare, where just culture has particular prevalence, there are valuable lessons to be learnt and important ongoing developments.

The free lunchtime webinar provides an overview of this valuable approach to safety, and looks at where it can help and where it can lead us if we apply it well.

About the speakers

Ed Milnes

Ed is a chartered ergonomist with a background in health and safety ergonomics and human factors. Ed worked as a specialist ergonomics inspector for the Health and Safety Executive for 16 years, applying ergonomics to incident investigations and supporting development of guidance for industry. In this role, and more recently as an independent consultant, Ed has worked across a broad range of industries, from general manufacturing and offices, to the high-hazard sector. Ed now runs his own ergonomics and human factors consultancy based in Guildford, south-east UK.