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Introducing legionella essentials

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Date & time

Friday 15 November 2019, 12.30pm


Ryan Church, WorkRite Sales Manager


Join our e-learning and software expert Ryan Church for this webinar introducing our latest course, Legionella Essentials.

Lack of training, inadequate communication and poor management are key contributing factors to Legionella outbreaks at work. Our new e-learning course Legionella Essentials provides all the information users need to identify and mitigate Legionella risks and prevent staff from falling ill.

In his webinar, Ryan will:

  • Introduce our new Legionella course and the content covered
  • Explain how the course fits into our Enterprise model
  • How our new CourseBuilder works well with the Enterprise model

About the speaker

Ryan Church

Ryan Church, WorkRite Sales Manager has been at Posturite for over 10 years and is responsible for the growth and development of the WorkRite division.

Prior to joining Posturite Ryan spent 3 years as a personal trainer and a further 3 years in the telecoms industry. This gave him a sound understanding of both the human body and the various technologies that can be found in the marketplace, all of which can be closely related to the products and services provided by the WorkRite division. His role now is primarily to ensure our customers understand the features and benefits of our suite of e-learning courses and systems.