3Dee Active Office Chair

3Dee Active Office Chair
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Not simply ergonomic but threefold dynamic. more info
Now £1,102.80 £919.00
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The 3Dee active office chair is the first of its kind and the result of absolute consistency - in engineering just as in design. Its 3D movement - horizontal and vertical - is designed without compromise around the natural biomechanical model of the human being.

Conventional seats cannot do much against the daily lack of movement in the office. On the contrary: they can even contribute to muscular atrophy and bad sitting postures. We call this the 'sitting trap' - because sedentary activities frequently lead to illness.

The remedy is more movement in daily office life. With its unique concept of 3D ergonomics the 3Dee supports and encourages the intuitive movements of the human being. The principle is as simple as it is ingenious: the chair follows the movement of the body and not vice versa. The result: natural sitting, controlled movement up and down combined with posture-optimising movement sideways, backwards and forwards.

  • The perfect chair to promote active sitting: Because the 3Dee follows the movements of its sitter, so your back keeps straight. In addition, frequent change of posture strengthens your back and keeps your muscles fit
  • The patented 3D Technology, comprising the unique 3D movable joint in the base and the spring strut, supports and encourages harmonious 3D movement. This stimulates your circulation, puts you in a good mood and boosts your performance
  • The backrest with patented lamellar technology and physiologically shaped backrest cushioning provides support without restricting freedom of movement. The lumbar support and backrest tension can be individually adjusted
  • The intelligent seat is slightly convex, upholstered with breathable multi-zone integral foam 5 and equipped with the flexzone® technology. For a healthy seat climate and optimum sitting comfort without any pressure
  • Spring strut - central element of the highly complex 3D mechanism. The aeris spring strut in the swopper, swoppster and 3Dee enables the unique vertical bouncing movement
  • Universal castors
  • 3D movable joint - This is where the vertical bounce meets an innovative high-tech joint that is responsible for the sideways movement as well as the backwards and forwards movement. You can adjust the flexibility of movement individually - for more or less exercising of your muscles
  • Flexzone Technology - The specially developed flexible seat plate with multi-zone foam adapts to each sitter's physique and thus avoids pressure points and bad posture, like sitting on the edge
  • Spring Strut - Central element of the highly complex 3D mechanism. The aeris spring strut in the swopper, swoppster and 3Dee enables the unique vertical bouncing movement
  • Adjustable lumbar support - The completely new, lamella-based backrest of the 3Dee office chair is an ergonomic highlight. The lumbar support can be adjusted flexibly to match any user's physique
  • Seat cushioning Active-Office-Chair 3Dee - Special high-tech cushioning with new, climate-active cover for feather-soft sitting comfort. Five perfectly matching functional layers provide breathable, pressure-relieving and heat-regulating sitting
Fabric colours
  • Available in Black, Grey & Coral
  • Standard Black Aluminium Backrest
  • Upgrade to 3Dee Polished Aluminium Backrest. Please note: The backrest strut, backrest frame and seat pan would also be in polished aluminium with this option
Seat width:
460 mm
Seat depth:
410-460 mm
Chair height:
1100 mm incl. backrest
Seat height:
BASIC spring model
420-560 mm
Backrest height:
430 mm
Ø750 mm
Safety gas spring:
140 mm height interval
20 kg
3 years
Q: My gas stem seems a little stiff – is this normal?

Sometimes, over time, the gas stem can become a little stiff when trying to adjust the height. A quick and easy fix for this is using WD-40 or Vaseline. Apply a light layer of grease to the gas stem, then try adjusting the gas stem 3-4 times. The gas stem should now adjust easily.

Q: How do I adjust the gas stem height?

To adjust the height of your seat on your 3Dee, use the lever located on the right hand side under your seat. Release once in desired position.

Q: I have lumbar support in my backrest – how do I adjust this?

Using the lever on the inside of the 3Dee backrest bar on the right, you can continually adjust the curve of the lumbar support to suit your physique and personal preference.

Q: Can the angle of my backrest change?

You can adjust the tension of your 3Dee backrest, which will give some leeway in the movement of the backrest. To adjust the tension, use the butterfly nut under the seat. Turn the butterfly nut anticlockwise about 10-15 times for a softer setting with less tension. Turn the butterfly nut clockwise about 10-15 times for a harder setting with more tension.

Q: My 3Dee chair feels quite loose when moving sideways – is this normal?

Your 3Dee chair comes with a flexible sideways movement, which you can adjust to suit how freely you would like to move. Carefully turn the 3Dee chair and lay it on the backrest. Turn the hand wheel to the left for more sideways movement and to the right for less sideways movement.

Note: We recommend starting off with a setting for reduced sideways movement and later adjusting the setting to provide as much sitting as possible.

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