Washable Keyboards

Keep your workplace clean at all times with a washable keyboard

Keep your work environment hygienic with our collection of washable keyboards. Washable keyboards are dishwasher-proof, so they can be safely and easily cleaned on a regular basis without damaging the electronics. Excellent for medical environments, or when virus control is necessary. Shop our collection of washable keyboards now.

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  1. AccuMed Value Washable IP68 Medical Keyboard
    AccuMed Value Washable IP68 Medical Keyboard
    £100.12 £83.43
  2. Clean Wipe Medical Grade Mini Keyboard Waterproof (US Layout)
  3. Silver Seal Medical Grade True Type Keyboard
    Silver Seal Medical Grade True Type Keyboard
    £78.04 £65.03

3 Items

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What is a washable keyboard?

Washable keyboards are specifically designed for easy cleaning, and are ideal for medical and healthcare environments. Durable and dishwasher proof, washable keyboards withstand regular cleaning without any risk to the electronic components.

How do you clean a washable keyboard?

When it comes to cleaning your washable keyboard, we recommend you follow the instructions for your specific model. In every case, it is important you safely disconnect the keyboard from your computer or device safely before cleaning it. All washable keyboards are designed to be dishwasher safe, but if you do not have access to a dishwasher, these keyboards can be cleaned with a disinfectant spray and a soft, clean cloth.

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