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Powerful and effective specialist lighting for offices and homes

The Posturite range of specialist desk lamps and lights includes exceptionally bright reading lamps, daylight-simulating lights, light therapy for seasonal affective disorder and lamps designed to keep blue light levels low. Illuminate your environment with contemporary table lights, designed with your health in mind.

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  1. Oculamp Reading Lamp - lifestyle shot on work table
    Oculamp Reading Lamp
    From £100.00 £83.33
  2. Beurer TL20 Daylight SAD Lamp - front angle view in horizontal position, with light on
    Beurer TL20 Daylight SAD Lamp
    £57.54 £47.95
  3. Daylight Company UnoLamp Table - lifestyle shot, showing knitting
    Daylight Company UnoLamp Table
    £49.19 £40.99
  4. Daylight Company Lumi Task Lamp - lifestyle shot
    Daylight Company Lumi Task Lamp
    £131.99 £109.99

4 Items

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    Why use a desk lamp?

    Anyone who has invested in a stylish desk needs a suitably sleek desk light to complete the aesthetic. Compact yet powerful, choose a light which gives you even coverage and the flexibility to choose the right setting for your task. Sewing, crafting and reading smaller print are all activities when a standard lamp might just not be up to the task.

    There’s high demand for lamps with extra long cables too, so you can move your lighting around a room hassle-free and adjust it to the precise angle you’re after.

    Do SAD lamps really boost your mood?

    SAD lamps simulate sunlight, helping trigger the brain to release the hormone serotonin. Light therapy has been known to ease symptoms of seasonal affective disorder, and could help you feel better about yourself. Choose an adjustable SAD lamp with bright, flicker-free illumination.

    What is an Oculamp?

    We love to work with inventors at Posturite, and one of our desk lamps – the Oculamp - comes from Dhruvin Patel, Founder of Ocushield, and a 2021 Dragon’s Den contestant. The clever design of the lamp has multiple settings, from very high brightness, to a calm light that is gentler on eyes and ideal for longer periods of work, to a low mode ideal for evenings, helping you wind down.