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At Posturite we’re proud to supply health, education, government, police and transport organisations with the best quality office furniture.

In fact we have more than 30 years of success in being a trusted supplier of products and services to the public sector.

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Posturite has met the high standards which public sector clients require, and we’ve proven our good value and quality of service as well as the high performance and reliability of our products.

Contact the Posturite advisors experienced in creating healthy and productive workplaces for public sector clients.

Frameworks we currently work with

NEPO (North East Procurement Organisation)

Posturite has been approved to join the NEPO community of contracted suppliers.

NEPO is a procurement organisation which delivers savings, maximises efficiencies and promotes best practice to local authorities and the wider public sector throughout the UK.

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Office Furniture and Home Working

NEPO411 Furniture
Includes: Office seating, desks, tables, desk screens, monitor arms and storage solutions.
Valid until 31/08/2025

NEPO (North East Procurement Organisation)

Posturite is a NEPO supplier of office furniture and homeworking furniture to councils.

Office furniture can also be supplied by Posturite to Associate Members of NEPO including education providers, emergency services, NHS bodies, registered charities, registered social landlords and central government departments using this framework. Over 700 UK public sector organisations from across the UK have signed up as associate members of NEPO, allowing them to access a range of procurement solutions including NEPO411 Furniture. Membership is free of charge and requires completion of a simple form.

Please contact us for any help to buy office furniture through NEPO.

ESPO (Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation)

ESPO (Eastern Shires Purchasing Organisation)

Posturite has been awarded a place on ESPO’s framework Office Furniture (282). To be listed on the ESPO framework, we have been assessed for our financial stability, track record, experience and professional ability.

ESPO services over 20,000 customers in Education, Local Authority and Government, NHS and Emergency Services, Wider Public Sector across England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Customers can use the ESPO frameworks to ensure that their buying process is fully compliant with UK procurement legislation.

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Office Furniture

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Standard Ranges

(Sub lot 1)

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Breakout Furniture

(Sub lots 4, 5, 6 and 7)

Please contact us for any help to buy office furniture through ESPO.

UK Universities Purchasing Consortia (UKUPC)

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Supply and Installation of Office at Home

7603 Sustainable Furniture Solutions

Posturite has been awarded a supplier to NEUPC’s National Sustainable Furniture Solutions framework agreement, to provide home office furniture and equipment to UKUPC university employees.

Posturite can supply home office equipment including homeworking chairs and desks to universities and the public sector across London, North East, North West, Scotland, the South and Wales.

UK Universities Purchasing Consortia (UKUPC)

We are a supplier on NEUPC’s National Sustainable Furniture Solutions framework agreement for APUC (for Scotland), HEPCW (for Wales), LUPC (for London), NEUPC (for the North East), NWUPC (for the North West), SUPC (for the South) and TUCO (for in-house caterers in the higher, further education and public sector).

Please contact us for any help to buy home office furniture through NEUPC’s National Agreement and UKUPC.

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