Classroom Chairs

Ergonomic chairs for teachers and for college students

Our collection of chairs for educational settings includes innovative low chairs for adults working at a low height with young children. Teachers and teaching assistants often find themselves slouching or crouching down to help children with their work, something that can quickly lead to aches, pains and musculoskeletal injuries. Properly safeguard teaching staff with an ergonomic chair.

Also find here adjustable ergonomic chairs for seminar rooms and classrooms with features that have people’s comfort as the top priority.

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  1. Jolly Back Low Seating Chair
    Jolly Back Low Seating Chair
    From £289.88 £241.57
  2. HÅG Conventio Wing 9822 - black plastic, black fabric seat, front view with armrests
    HÅG Conventio Wing 9822 w/ 5 Star Footbase, Upholstered Seat
    From £314.40 £262.00
  3. HAG Wing 9812 with 5 Star Footbase - Black
    HÅG Conventio Wing 9812 w/ 5 Star Footbase
    From £264.00 £220.00

3 Items

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Why might a primary school teacher need an extra low chair?

Teachers and support staff can use an extra low chair to sit at a low desk with young children comfortably or to hold a story time when the children are sitting on the carpet. This means they can work with their pupils without putting strain on their backs or necks. It can be a problem that classroom furniture is designed for little people alone!

What are the benefits of an ergonomic extra low chair for teachers?

  • Protect teaching staff from aches, pains and injuries
  • Encourage good posture and lower back support
  • Reduce sick days
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