24-Hour & Control Room Office Chairs

Chairs suitable for demanding settings – being comfortable should be a prerequisite

Prolonged sitting, regardless of the chair you use, is thought to increase the risk of health problems like diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease. In a typical control room, chairs are often used 24/7 by people of varying heights, weights and shapes. While it is difficult to find a one-size-fits-all solution, we sell a range of chair models that are durable, sturdy and well-padded with plenty of adjustment options.

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  1. RH Logic 400 High Back Ergonomic Office Chair - black, lifestyle shot, with armrests and polished aluminium base
    RH Logic 400 (high back) Ergonomic Office Chair
    From £1,425.60 £1,188.00
  2. RH New Logic 220 High Back Ergonomic Office Chair - front view, with armrests & neckrest
    RH Logic 220 High Back Ergonomic Office Chair
    From £1,338.00 £1,115.00
  3. RH Logic 400 Elite (high back) Ergonomic Office Chair
    RH Logic 400 Elite (high back) Ergonomic Office Chair
    From £1,520.40 £1,267.00
  4. Be-Ge 852 Night Fall 24hr Chair
    Be-Ge 852 Night Fall 24hr Chair
    £2,284.80 £1,904.00
  5. HÅG Tribute Chair - black, front view, with armrests
    HÅG Tribute Chair
    From £1,130.40 £942.00
  6. Kab 24hr Controller Chair
    KAB 24hr Controller Chair
    £1,437.60 £1,198.00
  7. Throna K24 Standard Chair
    Throna K24 Standard Chair
    £1,314.00 £1,095.00
  8. Throna K24 24hr Professional Chair - front angle view
    Throna K24 24hr Professional Chair
    £1,374.00 £1,145.00

8 Items

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What is a 24-hour chair?

24-hour chairs are designed for constant use, and are well-suited for a variety of settings. There are a variety of 24-hour office chairs available here on Posturite with a range of features. However, what they all share is excellent durability and comfort.

Why buy a 24-hour chair?

These versatile chairs are well-suited to a range of industries and settings. 24-hour desk chairs are a popular choice for offices with shift workers, and also for call centres. If you require a chair to be in nearly constant use, a 24-hour chair is an excellent choice.

These chairs are particularly useful for those who have difficulty with movement. The strong padding and high back design ensure muscles can relax surrounded by soft materials that allow unparalleled comfort throughout the working day.

What are the benefits of 24-hour chairs?

As well as being suitable for extended use, buying a 24-hour operator chair comes with a number of benefits, such as:

  • Additional padding and material for enhanced comfort.
  • Helps reduce muscle pain by encouraging correct posture.
  • Can be adjusted to accommodate for individual demands.

How can I ensure my 24-hour chair is set up correctly?

While our chairs are built to last, having them delivered and set up correctly can make them last even longer. To help with this, get your new 24-hour chair delivered and set up by our market-leading delivery partners.

Our delivery team of experts are highly experienced in setting up office chairs to your exact requirements. After you choose a time to suit you, they will deliver your new 24-hour chair and even take away any excess packaging.

Some chairs excluded. Please check the respective product ‘Delivery and Returns’ section to see if this service is available.

Find out more about our delivery, installation, set up service ›

Find the 24-hour chair you’ve been looking with Posturite via our listings above.

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