Back & Body Supports

For treating carpal tunnel syndrome, healing fractures and more

Improve your posture, prevent slouching and stop prolonged stress your muscles with our Back & Body Supports. All our products are designed to either treat bad backs, strengthen muscles following injury and are portable for use at home or work.

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  1. Inflatable Lumbar Support
    Inflatable Lumbar Support
    £70.74 £58.95
  2. PlushTouch™ Lumbar Support
    PlushTouch™ Lumbar Support
    £56.45 £47.04
  3. Office Suites™ Mesh Back Support - lifestyle shot
    Office Suites™ Mesh Back Support
    £60.68 £50.57
  4. Professional Series™ Mesh Back Support - lifestyle shot
    Professional Series™ Mesh Back Support
    £74.80 £62.33
  5. Back Angel Back Support
    Back Angel™ Back Support
    £98.77 £82.31
  6. Airprene Wrist & Thumb Brace
    Airprene Wrist & Thumb Brace
    From £15.26 £12.72
  7. Abdominal Binder
    Abdominal Binder
    From £20.38 £16.98
  8. Disc'o'Sit - top view
    From £32.33 £26.94
  9. Well-Life 2407C Pre-Programmed Tens Machine
    Well-Life 2407C Pre-Programmed Tens Machine
    £55.14 £45.95
  10. I-Spire Series™ Lumbar Cushion - lifestyle shot
    I-Spire Series™ Lumbar Cushion
    £39.32 £32.77

10 Items

per page

Back & body supports

Browse our back treatment products designed to either treat bad backs or strengthen ankles, knees, hips and lower back muscles following injury. They are also helpful in episodes of acute back pain, herniated disc, Sciatica and Lumbago.

Products include Soft Pencil Grips which help reduce fatigue caused by writing pressure. They have a non-slip surface and are contoured to fit comfortably in the hand and may be used with either a pen or a pencil.

We also have products such as arm rest pads and the Dynaspine, which is particularly helpful if you have muscle aches, nerve pains and tension in your spine or shoulders, which are aggravated by long periods of sitting at your desk or driving a vehicle

The body support compression belts include wrist braces, abdominal binders and maternity support belts. Designed to give you maximum support

Portable posture solutions for you to take to work, use in the car or at home.

Buy back & body supports online today!

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