Split Keyboards

Designed to encourage neutral forearm posture – for increased comfort whilst typing

Split keyboards promote a natural handshake position, ideal for people with repetitive strain injury (RSI).

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  1. Accuratus Contour Ergonomic Split Keyboard - birdseye view
    Accuratus Contour Ergonomic Split Keyboard
    From £58.74 £48.95
  2. Goldtouch Ergonomic Split Keyboard - front
    Goldtouch V2 Adjustable Comfort Keyboard
    From £191.94 £159.95
  3. Goldtouch Go! Travel Keyboard
    Goldtouch Go! 2 Mobile Travel Keyboard
    £191.94 £159.95
  4. Antimicrobial Folding Ergo Keyboard (UK) - front open view
  5. Kinesis Freestyle2 Keyboard - US Layout - birdseye view
    Kinesis Freestyle2 Keyboard
    From £129.54 £107.95

5 Items

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What is a split keyboard?

As the name suggests, a split keyboard is a keyboard split into two sections. Some split keyboards are part of one single unit, where the keys are positioned towards the left and right. However, most split keyboards are physically split into two separate parts, connected either wirelessly or with a cable.

What are the benefits of a split keyboard?

Split keyboards are designed so that you can sit and type more comfortably. Unlike a single keyboard, a split keyboard can position each half to be parallel with your shoulder. With your arms extending straight forward, the strain on your wrists is reduced.

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