Wireless USB Keyboards

Explore more freedom with our range of wireless keyboards

Free your workstation from clutter with a wireless keyboard, eliminating cables and creating space for you to set yourself up in an ergonomic working position. Choose from our selection of wireless keyboards – whether you need a compact design to take with you on your travels, or a full-size keyboard with a number pad and hot keys to streamline your workflow. Work with speed, precision and convenience with a wireless ergonomic keyboard – browse from our high quality selection below.

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  1. Penclic Mini Keyboard KB3 Bluetooth
    Penclic Mini Keyboard KB3 Bluetooth
    From £107.99 £89.99
  2. BakkerElkhuizen UltraBoard 950 Compact Keyboard (Wireless) - lifestyle shot
    BakkerElkhuizen UltraBoard 950 Compact Keyboard
    From £81.54 £67.95
  3. Balance Keyboard (Black) - birdseye view
    Black Balance Keyboard
    £105.98 £88.32
  4. Solo X Keyboard
    Solo X Keyboard
    £63.44 £52.87
  5. Ark Keyboard RF Black - birdseye view
    Ark Keyboard RF Black
    £79.14 £65.95
  6. Logitech K270 Wireless Keyboard - front view
    Logitech K270 Wireless Keyboard
    £47.99 £39.99
  7. V7 KW550UKBT Wireless Keyboard - birdseye view
    V7 KW550UKBT Wireless Keyboard
    £38.39 £31.99

7 Items

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What are the benefits of wireless keyboards?

Wireless keyboards are a popular choice for both home offices and mobile working. One of the key benefits of a wireless keyboard is the ability to reposition it freely, without being restricted by a cable. Wireless keyboards also minimise clutter on your desk, looking sleek and efficient.

How do wireless keyboards work?

Both wireless and Bluetooth keyboards are easy to set up. To connect a wireless keyboard, you simply plug the transceiver provided into your computer or laptop and this will establish a connection. With a Bluetooth keyboard, you first turn on the keyboard and make it discoverable. Next, with your computer’s Bluetooth turned on, select the keyboard to pair the device.

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