Well-Life 2407C Pre-Programmed Tens Machine

Well-Life 2407C Pre-Programmed Tens Machine
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A TENS machine can be used to treat pain and muscle relief quickly. more info
£55.14 £45.95
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The central unit produces small, perfectly safe electrical impulses that then travel down the cables to the self-adhesive pads, which are fully reusable. The main unit then produces a tingling sensation, of which the intensity can be adjusted using the simple digital controls, helping to relax tense and aching muscles and it can help distract the brain from feeling pain.

The Well-Life 2407C Pre-Programmed TENS Machine is easy to use with a choice of 8 pre-programmed options, integral timer and key lock facility.

Supplied complete with 3AAA batteries, self adhesive electrodes, patient leads and user instructions in soft carry case.

Main Features
  • Easy to use with a choice of 8 pre-programmed options
  • Integral timer
  • Key lock facility
  • This unit must be used with the guidance of a Physiotherapist or Doctor
  • intensity (affects the strength of the stimulation)
  • Modes - The mode switch is used to select the type of treatment utilized. The three modes are Burst (B), Continuous (C), and Modulation (M)
  • Pulse width - The pulse width knob regulates the pulse width for both channels
  • Pulse Rate - The Pulse Rate knob regulates the number of pulses per second for both channels
Mode Functions
  • Burst (B) releases individual bursts twice per second. Pulse width is adjustable and the pulse rate is set at 100Hz per second
  • Continuous (C) stimulation is delivered continuously at the settings determined by intensity, rate, and width knobs
  • Modulation (M) pulse width decreases from its setting by 60% and maintains the decreased width for 2 seconds before returning to the original width setting, which is maintained for 3.5 seconds. The cycle is then repeated. The intensity and pulse rate are adjustable
Do NOT use on
  • Patients with implanted electronic devices ( for example, pacemaker ) or metallic implants should not undertake TENS treatment without first consulting a physician
  • Any electrode placement that applies current to the carotid sinus (neck) region
  • Any electrode placement that causes current to flow transcerebrally. (through the head)
  • The use of TENS whenever pain symptoms are undiagnosed, until etiology is determined
1 year

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