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24 reviews

Adapt 600 Chair Range

Adapt 600 Chair Range
24 reviews
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Introducing one of the most luxurious, adaptable ergonomic office chairs on the market. more info
Now £996.00 £830.00
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The Adapt 600 comes with high quality features as standard — including memory foam seat, seat depth and backrest height adjustment, independent seat tilt and inflatable lumbar support. But you also have the chance to add a huge range of special features from a massage function and heat pads, to inflatable air cells adding comfort and support to different parts of your body. We’re all different shapes and sizes and the general market tends to cater for the mythical ‘average’ person.

The Adapt 600 is made-to-measure to you, so you have a chair that supports your unique body in all the right places. This is all designed to reduce the risk of musculoskeletal problems, reduce the symptoms of existing conditions, and improve productivity while you work.

Key features:

  • Variety of sizes
  • Good ergonomics to support you correctly
  • Huge range of customisable options

Need help customising your chair? Simply call our friendly customer service team on +44 (0) 345 345 0010, or email [email protected] to speak to an expert.

The Adapt 600 can be customised. Add special features to build your perfect ergonomic office chair. With so many options, choosing can be overwhelming. Download the Adapt Chairs Adaptation Details Brochure for a run-down of every option available.

Model choices

Start by choosing your Adapt 600 model. It’s simple. Each number represents a different size:

  • 610 - low backrest, small seat
  • 620 - medium backrest, small seat
  • 630 - high backrest, small seat
  • 640 - low backrest, medium seat
  • 650 - medium backrest, medium seat
  • 660 - high backrest, medium seat
  • 680 - extra high backrest, large seat (for larger, heavier user)

See specs for measurements.


Add another level of comfort and support with an Adapt headrest. There are plenty of different shapes to choose from. See brochure for details.

Sacral support cell

Inflatable support across the ‘sacrum’ (base of the spine), especially beneficial for those with sciatic and pelvic support issues.

Reactive lumbar support

The Adapt 600 comes with a one-chamber lumbar support as standard. Ensure your chair is contoured to your body with this adjustable three-chamber inflatable lumbar cushion for variable support across a greater area of your back.

Thoracic support

Add cells between your shoulder blades for additional support.

Vertical support

Add a vertical air cell either on the left or right side of the chair (or both) to offer additional lateral support if needed.

Extended back bar

Add 75mm to your back bar.

Memory foam backrest

The Adapt 600 comes with a memory foam seat as standard. Add a memory foam back for additional comfort. The soft foam reduces surface tension for a supported feel.

Reduced back width

A narrower back for a more petite user.


While it is not compulsory to have armrests, it can enhance your experience. It depends on the tasks you plan to carry out (precision tasks can benefit from armrests), and your own preferences (some people prefer the stability when entering or exiting a chair). Adapt armrests come in a range of types, which you can find explained in the brochure.

Arm pads

Add extra padding to your armrests for a luxurious feel.

Thigh support

Add inflatable air cells to take pressure off the the middle of the seat. This is especially beneficial for people with muscle-wastage conditions.

Seat size

Swap the standard seat for an XL, XXL or XXXL size. The XXXL seat does not have a fixed size, but the largest that can be manufactured is 700(w) x 570(d) mm.

Seat type

Maximise the comfort of your chair by upgrading the seat shape to one of our three options - or have your own bespoke split seat designed.

Coccyx cut-out

Select a cut-out in the seat to relieve pressure around the coccyx area.

Memory foam seat (additional layer)

Add another 20mm to your seat, or opt for a stitched cover to reduce surface tension further.

ErgoCore seat system

Strengthen your core and back muscles while you sit with this dual-chamber air-cell option which sits inside the seat - useful for sciatic relief.

Reduced seat width

If none of our standard sizes suit you, opt for a reduced seat width.

Reduced seat depth

If none of our standard sizes suit you, opt for a reduced seat depth. There should always be room to slip your hand between the seat and the backs of your calves.

Stitched seat

Get a softer sit with a stitched seat cover.

Gas stem

The gas stem determines the height of the chair. With the Adapt 600 you can choose from three additional sizes.


The castors affect how your chair moves. As standard we offer 65 mm castors for the best ‘roll’ on carpeted floors. For bare floors brake-loaded castors may be a more suitable option.

Footring / footplate

We offer a range of footring/footplate styles to suit the way you like to sit - and the way you want your chair to look. See the brochure for details.

Draughtsman upgrade

You can have the Adapt 600 as a draughtsman chair if you plan to be working at high surfaces.

Massage system

To transform your Adapt 600 into the office chair of your dreams, add the massage system — offering six points of massage positioned anywhere.

Heated pads

Soothe your muscles with these three optional heat pads.

Internal sprung seat

Add for extra suspension and comfort.

ESD upgrade

Add an anti-static element to your chair - ideal for industrial environments.

Foam sculpting

Ensure your chair is contoured to your unique shape with foam sculpting.

Foam support wings

Add support wings to either side of your chair for a supreme level of comfort and sophistication.

Swivel lock

The swivel lock function allows you to lock the chair in one position — useful for precision tasks.

Movement lock

The intelligent movement lock freezes all moving components on the Adapt 600 to make it easier for disabled users to safely enter and exit the chair. When fitted it reduces the height range of the gas stem by 20-50 mm

Seat width:
Small: 480 mm
Medium: 510 mm
Large: 600 mm
Seat depth:
Small: 440-500 mm
Medium: 470-530 mm
Large: 580-640 mm
Backrest width:
Low: 460 mm
Medium: 460 mm
High: 480 mm
Extra high: 510 mm
Backrest height:
Low: 350-410 mm
Medium: 480-540 mm
High: 560-620 mm
Extra high: 610-670 mm
5 years for normal use
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