Audio Notetaker V4

Audio Notetaker V4
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This innovative piece of software enables you to make better notes through audio recording. more info
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Lead time: 3 working days
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Get help with navigating, annotating and organising your notes and audio files, then export your recording and notes to Microsoft Word or a portable audio device.

  • Live Notetaking - record directly on to your laptop via Audio Notetaker. Add keywords, highlight key points using colour markers and annotation tools or break up their notes into sections in real time. This can be done using the in-built microphone on your laptop or via an external microphone. Although for recording at a distance a digital recorder is recommended to filter out surrounding noise.
  • Colour Key - The ability to use colour annotations is one of Audio Notetaker’s signature features; we’ve improved it to make it even more powerful. Use colour templates or create your own.
  • Simple Live Note Taking - Taking notes has just got simpler with a some great new features - Single button shortcuts for colour. Type to add text allows uses to just start typing and watch Audio Notetaker move the curser to the Text Pane.
  • Audio Notetaker can now record whatever is coming out of your speakers. So it can record straight from YouTube, iTunesU or even a Skype conversion.
  • Screen Capture - You can now quickly grab a snapshot from any videos, images, text and automatically add them to a new section.
  • Image pane - display PowerPoint slides and images alongside your audio recordings.
  • Reference Pane - Audio Notetaker adds to the existing Text Pane with a second Text Pane that is perfect for references, links or anything that compliments the original lecture.
  • Copy Text From Slides - In order to gain maximum benefit from slides and accessible PDFs their content can be copied directly into a Text Pane
  • Noise Cancellation - Use this playback mode if your audio file has a constant unwanted hiss or hum. It works instantly and doesn't affect the original audio.
  • Trim Silence This feature gives users the ability to shorten the pauses between phrases, reducing playback time.
  • Presentation Capture - Just start the Presentation Capture mode before delivering your PowerPoint presentation and Audio Notetaker will capture your audio and slides automatically.
  • Audio and notes file manager - manage recording from your digital recorder through to reviewing your notes using the improved file management tools. Use the metadata and search tools to organise and locate the information you are after.
  • Full-screen mode - review your recordings and notes in the Full screen mode.
  • Export Tools - Audio Notetaker's powerful "Save to Album" feature has been enhanced to incorporate images so that students listening to their edited recordings on portable devices, such as an iPod or MP3 player, can view the related images or slides.
  • Integrated file format saves your audio with your images and text making it easier to share your files with friends and colleagues.
  • PDF slide import - This enables slides from any source to be imported, as it is easy to print from any program to PDF.
  • Direct export to iTunes - You can export your Audio Notetaker document directly into iTunes without having to go via "Export as Album".
  • Transcription Mode playback - With this option set, Audio Notetaker will playback one segment at a time, giving you time to type (or with Dragon, speak) the transcription..
  • Help file includes videos of the topics covered by the inbuilt tutorial.
512 MB or higher
Supported operating systems:
32-bit Windows XP or Vista, 32-bit or 64-bit Windows 7
Speakers/headphones and an external microphone if your computer does not have one built-in
WMA, WAV or MP3 recordings and is optimised to work with the Olympus DS recorders
1 year

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