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Cash management service Vaultex has been innovating in the finance industry for over a decade. Their offices are located across the UK, from Edinburgh to the head office in London.







No of Employees

No of Employees


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What we did

We carried out a detailed investigation into the way Vaultex’s processors worked to see where we could improve things. Through asking the right questions, working with the client and initiating product trials, the appropriate monitor arms and chairs were selected. The monitor arms were installed outside of normal office hours, with minimal disruption. Chairs have been delivered on an ad-hoc basis. In order to gain the full benefits, the users were given advice on their use. Footrests have also been supplied where necessary.

Product profile

Positiv ME task chair

Perfect for a hot desk environment, the Me 600 model additionally offers users a range of customisations making it the perfect chair for any space.

Discus footrest

An ideal solution for workstations with frequent personnel changes due to its ease of operation.

CBS monitor arms

Allows easy adjustment of screens for the most comfortable height.

Discus FootrestCBS Monitor Arm

Our goals

  • Improve the comfort of Vaultex processors
  • Source appropriate equipment
  • Reduce musculoskeletal disorders
  • Increase employee productivity

Vaultex UK have been incredibly happy with the solutions that OE has provided. Not only in helping them choose the right products in the first place, but also in the provision and after sales service offered. 3 years on, Posturite and Vaultex UK are still working together to find suitable solutions for other areas of the business.