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Since 1989, world-class knitwear retailer WoolOvers has supplied over a million customers with high quality knitwear across Europe, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.







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What we did

WoolOvers currently employs 130 people and as a relatively small company is very in touch with what works for them within the workplace, ensuring safety and wellbeing is top of the agenda.

WoolOvers wanted to make a stand against seated desk work, aware of the health risks associated with sedentary living. As an alternative to typical static desks, they decided to provide employees with electric sit-stand height adjustable desks.

We provided information and advice to the company to help them select an appropriate model for their needs. After the selection process we supplied, delivered and installed 30 new electric DeskRite 300 height adjustable desks to their head office in West Sussex.

Product profile

DeskRite 300

The DeskRite 300 is incredibly simple to use, with a steady electric mechanism controlled by up and down buttons. The rectangular surface is sturdy and spacious, with a choice of a white or maple wood finish, and the adjustability means you can reap the rewards of sitting less, which studies show include a reduced risk of obesity, type II diabetes, cardiovascular event and death caused by cardiovascular event.

DeskRite 300 Sit-Stand Desk

Our goals

  • Help client choose product in line with their needs
  • Deliver and install desks in a timely fashion
  • Improve activity levels in the office
  • Reduce absenteeism and boost productivity

I have long been concerned about the effects that prolonged sitting is having on the wellbeing of my employees. Humans are simply not designed to sit for hours in front of a computer screen, our bodies need movement to help its functioning in a multitude of ways. Whilst we cannot un-invent this modern way of working, we can change the way we work around our new environment. I see these new desks as a great investment to really help the natural health of our staff. Hopefully many other companies will follow suit and also see that there is a payback in creating a happier healthier workforce!