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ClaroRead Version 13
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ClaroRead v13 is assistive technology software for the workplace which reads on-screen text out loud and also supports you with your writing. more info
Now £720.00 £600.00
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Increase your confidence and get support with reading and writing with this simple, easy-to-use software that’s popular with people with dyslexia or another learning difficulty. It’s also ideal for people with visual stress or with mental health issues who need help keeping on top of their workload. It reads any on-screen text as well as scanned books and documents and allows you to listen instead of struggling with reading.

ClaroRead Version 13 has a colourful, user-friendly interface. Choose the voice and accent you prefer to hear ClaroRead read out the text you highlight on web pages, emails, documents, PDF files and more.

For help with writing, the word prediction feature suggests words as you type – great to help with spelling. Listen back to your text you have written to help identify and correct any mistakes. Use the speaking spellcheck feature to select the word you want by hearing the alternatives. There is also a dictate button, to use if you also have Dragon Professional (not included).

Using ClaroRead at work is a reasonable adjustment to help you do your job.

  • Reading – Using high-quality human-sounding speech, reads aloud Microsoft Word, Adobe Reader, OpenOffice/LibreOffice, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer with speech. Text is highlighted so you can follow the text as it is read out. Reads emails, web pages and paper documents with scanning (OCR). Choose highlighting by word, sentence or colour.
  • Multiple languages – Reads English, Arabic, French, German, Hebrew, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Swedish and 21 further languages.
  • Word prediction – Suggest words as you type to assist with spelling and writing.
  • Phonetic prediction – Helps with silent letters such as the ‘k’ in ‘knowledge’.
  • Writing – Listen back to the text you’ve written – to hear any mistakes you can’t spot when you read.
  • Speaking spellcheck – Allows you to select the word you’d like by hearing the alternatives.
  • Common mistakes – Support for easily-confused words like “there” and “their”.
  • Speaking dictionary – 300,000 English definitions.
  • Thesaurus – help to choose the appropriate word.
  • Easier to read text – Change the font and text, plus change screen colours to reduce contrast and make reading more comfortable.
  • Listening later – Read text to listen to later on your phone, or on the move.
Supported operating systems:
Windows 11, Windows 10 (version 1709 or later), Windows 8.1, 3 most recent versions of macOS
Windows applications are built using .NET Framework 4.8 so that is required
Must meet the miniumum requirements of your platform e.g. Windows 11 requires 4GB of RAM
Supported applications (Office, Chrome, Edge, Adobe Reader):
Office 2016 on Windows, Office 2019 on Mac
Sound card supporting text-to-speech
Additional hardware:
Scanner (for OCR) supporting TWAIN or WIA
1 year

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