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Here’s specialist back support for drivers – ideal to keep people driving for work comfortable and help prevent back pain. more info
Now £238.80 £199.00
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The ErgoDriver® car seat cushion with adjustable air cells has been designed in collaboration with the RAC. It’s a welcome innovation for car and van drivers as you can choose which area of the back needs support. For general lower back support, choose the large lumbar air cell. There are four further specially shaped moveable air cells available which can be positioned exactly where support is needed - sacral, vertical, thoracic and reactive air cell options.

Tailor-fit the ErgoDriver® back support to perfectly assist the individual driver. The unique air cells of the ErgoDriver® function in the following ways:

  • The lumbar cell supports the natural lumbar curve in the lower back, reducing disc pressure and assisting with maintaining stress-free posture.
  • The sacral cell supports the lower back at the bottom of the spine and is designed to reduce sacroiliac pain.
  • The vertical cell supports one or both sides of the spine to reduce pressure and addresses discomfort arising from asymmetrical posture.
  • The thoracic cell helps to correct rounded shoulders when driving and moderate ‘forward carriage’. It does a great job of reducing stress and strain on the neck and shoulders when driving.
  • The reactive cell in the ErgoDriver® has 3 reactive chambers which squeezes the air to ‘map’ the driver’s back, supporting areas where there is little contact.

The air cells can be combined to provide support for a very wide range of postural issues and can be moved easily using the Velcro fastenings. Each air cell is adjustable with its own separate inflator bulb. It’s a great preventative product – preventing poor postures from being adopted during driving.

The ErgoDriver® is the only back support on the market that can provide individualised support for drivers with special postural needs. It’s a far more cost-effective solution than retrofitting car seats and this is a product which helps employers accommodate employees in need and meet their legal health and safety requirements. Commercial Vehicle Dealer Magazine report that more than 66% of van drivers have taken time off work due to back pain – costing the UK economy £21 billion per year.

Choose between top quality breathable Spacetec® 3D spacer fabric with freshFX® technology for long lasting freshness or practical vinyl.

  • Available in black vinyl or black Spacetec® 3D fabric
  • Ergonomic design
  • Back support to improve posture
  • Choice of 3 configurations of air cells – plus 3 optional air cell upgrades
  • Smart professional look
  • Portable
  • Secure and easy fit onto a car or van seat
  • Memory foam layer
Dimensions (W x D x H):
580 x 250 x 630 mm
Protected 3-way harness system for secure fit
Vehicle suitability:
Most cars, vans and commercial vehicles
Comfort layer:
Memory foam
3 years
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