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Ergonomic Keyboards

Ergonomic keyboards improve your comfort and positioning to help you work, browse and play at your computer for longer without pain or injury. The size, shape and layout of your keyboard all influence how you use your fingers, arms, hands and even your shoulders. A poorly designed keyboard can, over time, cause painful disorders and muscular imbalance.

You don’t have to already be in pain to benefit from an ergonomic keyboard. In fact, ergonomic products are designed to improve your positioning and stop problems from developing in the first place. Browse our collection of mini keyboards, split keyboards and full-size keyboards to improve your computer set-up now.

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Why an ergonomic keyboard?

Almost all of us use a keyboard at work every day. Ergonomic keyboards come in a variety of types, such as split keyboards, which force the wrists into a more natural position when typing, and arch keyboards that bring keys closer to your fingers. The overall aim is to maintain a more natural typing position.

A good ergonomic keyboard can increase your efficiency at work, keep your hands and wrists comfortable for long periods of use, and prevent long term injuries such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

All our ergonomic keyboards are Windows compatible. Please see individual products for Mac compatibility, as well as wireless and wired keyboard models

What are some tips for ergonomic keyboarding?

  • Keep your wrists parallel to the desk where possible, with middle finger in line with wrist and forearm.
  • Rest your wrists regularly by having a break from typing on your keyboard. Try some wrist stretch exercises.
  • Use light touches on the key pad to avoid excessive finger movements.
  • Move your arms to reach for keys at far ends of the keyboard. Avoid stretching your fingers and wrists.
  • Try to not use two fingers of one hand for two-key combinations.

What are some alternative keyboard solutions?

If you have tried a split keyboard and it has not worked for you, a mini keyboard may be a good solution.

Our compact mini keyboards have their own ergonomic benefits by eliminating stretching and allowing the mouse arm to be closer to the user.

Order an ergonomic keyboard today!

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