Evac+Chair 700H IBEX Accessories

Evac+Chair 700H IBEX Accessories
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A selection of accompanying accessories for the Evac+Chair 700H IBEX Evacuation Chair, providing security, practicality and extra comfort. more info
Now £19.50 £16.25
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Dust Cover

A flame-retardant protective dust cover helps protect your evacuation chair from knocks and scratches and helps prolong its life.

Wall Hook

Install the evacuation chair directly onto the wall.

Transfer Board

This board prevents you needing to lift the passenger upwards from their wheelchair or other seat to the evacuation chair. It bridges the gap between two seats.

Patient Seat Carrier

A portable device for lifting a person from their wheelchair into or out of an evacuation chair. The maximum weight capacity is 150 kg.

Anti-Theft Warning Device

Protect your Evac+Chair or other building assets using our anti-theft device, which is fitted with a key-controlled visual and audible alarm, powered by a 9V battery.

Reception Notice

A framed notice which requests that visitors let their host know if they may need assistance with stairs if there was an emergency.

Evac+Chair Sign in English

Place this photo-luminescent sign on the wall above your evacuation chair, so your chair is more easily located if visibility is poor.

User Guide

Useful instructions for your staff on how to use the evacuation chair.

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