Evac+Chair 900H Power Evacuation Chair

Evac+Chair 900H Power Evacuation Chair
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This is a motorised evacuation chair, for one person to safely and smoothly transport a passenger upwards or downwards. more info
Now £3,243.60 £2,703.00
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Evac+Chair 900H Power - Powered Chair (UK)   SKU: 9864012 + £3,243.60 £2,703.00
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A 24V Lithium-Ion battery powers this motorised evacuation chair, and one full charge provides enough power to last for 150 flights of stairs. Safely evacuate a person with a disability or injury from your premises in an emergency.

The 900H Power from British manufacturer Evac+Chair is a high quality model, suitable for evacuating both up and down stairs.

The control pad is easy to use, and allows you to control the speed of the evacuation and whether you are ascending or descending.

For enhanced passenger comfort, this model features a head support, arm and foot rests and safety belt. The powered belt track system reduces manual handling and helps with the smoothness of evacuation up or down a staircase. Once you are on flat terrain, the pushing handles enable you easily manoeuvre the chair.

If you wish a second person to assist with transportation, there are ascending control handles available.

  • 160 kg payload capacity
  • Motorised
  • 24V Lithium-Ion battery with 1 year warranty
  • Quick and easy single person operation
  • No heavy lifting required
  • Passenger armrests
  • Passenger footrest
  • Passenger safety belt
  • Passenger head support
  • Fire retardant
  • Easy to use control pad
  • Pushing handles
  • Powered belt track system
  • Ascending control handles
Dust Cover

A flame-retardant protective dust cover helps protect your evacuation chair from knocks and scratches and helps prolong its life.


The 24V Lithium-Ion battery to power your 900H Power evacuation chair comes with a 1 year warranty. Note that one full charge will last for 150 flights of stairs.

Battery Charger

A 3 pin charging pack to charge your 900H Power Battery.

Power+ Stand

Store your 900H on this stand indoors, if you prefer not to wall mount it.

Wall Bracket

Store your Evac+Chair 900H neatly and securely against a wall, using this strong custom-made wall bracket.


With integrated velcro strap, the headrest can provide additional support to your passenger.

Spare Keys

Choose to have additional spare keys for the Lithium-ion battery, which also acts as an anti-theft lock to secure the battery in place.

Safety Harness

The safety harness is optional and provides the passenger with additional safety and support. A loop and buckle harness with two straps to be placed over your passenger’s shoulders.

User Guide

Useful instructions for your staff on how to use the evacuation chair.

Folded: 1120 mm
Unfolded: 1600 mm
520 mm
Folded: 270 mm
Unfolded: 1220 mm
With battery: 32 kg
Without battery: 30 kg
Weight capacity:
160 kg
Power: 200 W
Voltage: 24 V
Average speed:
Ascending: 0.2 m/s
Descending: 0.3 m/s
Battery life:
Usage: 90 mins
Life span: 3-5 years
Charge time:
Usage: 5 hours
Battery (1 year warranty)
Battery charger
Battery anti-theft key
Additional safety harness
Dust cover
Wall bracket & fitting instructions
User guide/quick start guide
CE Mark
ISO 9001 and ISO 13485
5 years
Supporting Documentation
Product Videos

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