Global AutoCorrect v4

Global AutoCorrect v4
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Global AutoCorrect saves you time and helps you to focus on what you're writing by automatically and intelligently correcting your spelling as you type.

Global AutoCorrect works with you in all programs, whether you're on the web, preparing a presentation or writing an email.

  • Improves Productivity - With automatic spelling correction you can reduce red underlines, spend less time spell-checking and focus on the creative process of writing.
  • Intelligent Corrections - When you make a mistake, the software analyses the sound patterns in the word to understand what you're trying to spell. This intelligent correction happens instantly.
  • Add Custom Corrections - If the software's not quite sure what you meant, it won't just guess. Instead, you can pick the word you meant and it will be autocorrected in the future.
  • Works In All Programs -No plugins or configuration needed - no matter which program you're using, Global AutoCorrect will automatically correct your spelling!
  • Excellent coverage of general academic and subject specific words. These subjects range from Law to Media Studies, Design to Medicine, and English to Finance!
  • Discreet and easy to use -Global AutoCorrect runs silently in the background - just type!
  • The software comes preloaded with millions of autocorrections. It begins to work as soon as it's installed!
Windows: 1.5 GHz processor
Mac: 64-bit Intel processor
Free hard disk space:
Mac: 512 MB
Windows: Minimum 2 GB
Mac: Minimum 512 MB
Supported operating systems:
Windows: Windows XP or later (Windows 10 compatible)
Mac: Mac OS X 10.8 or later
1 year

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