Problem with your eyes at work?

Eyestrain is a common workplace problem for workers who spend many hours at a computer screen or reading fine print documents.

If you stare at something for too long, your eyes can tire. To stop fatigue eyes need to focus at different distances from time to time. It's a good idea to follow the 20:20:20 rule - every twenty minutes, look twenty feet away for twenty seconds.

Below are some causes and solutions related to eyestrain. Follow our simple tips.

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Incorrect screen to eye distance

The right distance for computer monitors and documents will depend on how clearly they can be read at a given distance, and the size and number of screens.

For most people arms distance to monitor screen seems to work. If your desk is not deep enough to place the monitor at an optimal viewing reach, you may want to consider a monitor arm.

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Glare and reflections

Glare and reflections at your workstation can cause eye discomfort and headaches.

Position the monitor to avoid awkward reflections or glare, but make sure you can still view it with good posture.

Position desks at right angles to natural light sources. If this is not possible, you can close the window blinds to stop direct sunlight. For artificial light, try turning some of the lights down.

As a last resort you may also find an antiglare screen filter solves the problem.

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Incorrect computer screen display settings

Avoid poor character definition on your screen. Change your default font size and/or colour, or consult your IT department if you are unable to do this. Try the palest green or blue as a background colour.

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Poor vision

You may need glasses for reading and computer based work without realising.

If have not already had an appointment with an optician, have your eyes tested and tell the optician you are a screen user. Ask your employer to explain their policy on free eye tests and glasses for Display Screen User employees.