JAWS Screen Reading Software

JAWS Screen Reading Software
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JAWS is the world’s most popular screen reader, developed for computer users whose vision loss prevents them from seeing screen content. JAWS reads aloud what’s on the PC screen and gives users a unique set of intelligent tools for navigating and accessing Web pages and all screen content.

Compatible with Frequently used Workplace and Classroom Applications

JAWS enables you to work with Lotus Symphony, spreadsheets, and presentation creation and with Lotus Notes by IBM. JAWS also is compatible with Microsoft Office Suite, MSN Messenger, Corel WordPerfect, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Internet Explorer, Firefox - and many more applications that are regularly used.

Unmatched Braille Support

With a refreshable Braille display, JAWS also provides Braille output in addition to, or instead of, speech. An array of versatile features and customisable options lets you tailor JAWS for your individual needs and preferences.

  • Talking installation – quick and simple
  • Two multi-lingual speech synthesisers - Eloquence and Vocalizer with natural-sounding speech
  • DAISY-formatted basic training in text and audio
  • Translated into 17 languages
  • JAWS 11.0.1467 and later supports dual monitors
  • Convenient OCR - with just a few simple keystrokes, access any image on the screen that includes text
  • Standard and professional versions available
  • JAWS Tandem – access other computers running JAWS to provide hands-on technical support, write and distribute scripts from a distance, and conduct remote JAWS training
Free hard disk space:
20 MB to 690 MB required per voice for installing Vocalizer Expressive, Vocalizer Direct, or RealSpeak Solo Direct voices (file sizes will vary depending on the voice installed)
4 GB recommended (64-bit), 2 GB recommended (32-bit)
Supported operating systems:
Windows® 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server® 2012, and Windows Server 2008
1 year

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