Mousetrapper Delta Regular - Black

Mousetrapper Delta Regular - Black
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The ergonomic roller bar mouse with outstanding precision and a comfortable soft-textured wrist pad. more info
£346.80 £289.00
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Lead time: 2 working days
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The 4,000 DPI mouse sensitivity of the Mousetrapper Delta makes scrolling, clicking and zooming easy. Use the six programmable buttons to adapt the functionality as you like it, for top efficiency.

This ergonomic roller bar mouse is designed to be placed directly beneath your keyboard and using it helps create a relaxed, centred position at your desk. This helps you reduce the risk of pain in your arms, shoulders and neck. Keeping your arms close to your body and your hands near the keyboard can in many cases help relieve RSI that can arise from over-stretching your arm.

Mousetrapper call their newly developed rollerbar the ‘Control Bar’ and you control the cursor with smooth movements and click with a light press from your fingers. It’s a smooth, pleasant and virtually frictionless experience to slide the Control Bar with its unique soft carbon fibre material.

The soft wrist pad can be disinfected and there are two USB ports to charge or connect multiple devices.

Watch the video below for an excellent demo of how the innovative Mousetrapper Delta works!

  • Ergonomic design
  • 4000 dpi
  • Carbon fibre roller bar
  • Soft wrist pad with magnetic attachment
  • Easy to clean; wrist pad can be disinfected
  • 6 programmable buttons for customising, such as for copying and pasting
  • Made in Sweden using recycled plastic
  • Adjustable friction/height pad for keyboard
  • 2 USB ports (3.3V) for charging and connecting multiple devices
  • USB-Micro cable included
Dimensions (W x H x D):
500 x 27 x 120 mm
830 g
Made of recycled ABS plastic
Friction/height pad for keyboard:
USB ports:
Two 3.3V
4000 dpi
USB-Micro cable:
1 year
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