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Posturite Laptop Workstation Package Deal

Posturite Laptop Workstation Package Deal
3 reviews
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The ultimate in mobile workstation flexibility. We have selected some of our best products to make a laptop workstation bundle that will provide excellent ergonomics for any mobile worker. Choose a laptop stand. Choose a mini keyboard. Choose a mouse. Then benefit from great ergonomics wherever you work. Please follow the links lower down the page, for more information on each product.

Laptop stand
  • Arrow Tablet Stand - Silver: The Arrow Stand is suitable for all iPad models, Galaxy, Kindle Fire and other tablets up to 12.5 mm in thickness. The Arrow also offers the benefit of raising the screen height for use with an external keyboard, video conferencing or viewing videos/documents. Designed and ergonomically tested to be used at a desk, on a table, on your lap and even lying down. In-fact everywhere you want to use your tablet, you can now use it comfortably.
  • Slim Cool Laptop Stand: Ultra slim portable laptop stand. Although only 18.2cm in width when folded, the telescopic side bars can slide out to provide a wide support and also help to keep the laptop cool as they allow for increased airflow
  • Cricket Laptop/Tablet Stand: Clever, minimalist design folds up for portability and opens out to hold your laptop at your desired height for better posture. Good for allowing air to circulate through your device to prevent overheating.
  • I-Spire Series™ Laptop Quick Lift Stand - White: The I-Spire Series™ Laptop Quick Lift features foldout front legs to optimise screen positioning on any laptop up to 17” or 4.5 kg, reducing the risk of tech neck. When in use the soft touch front ledge holds the laptop in place, and with seven adjustment angles you can find the perfect height for a comfortable working position. Easily portable, the laptop stand folds flat when travelling.
  • Hana™ Laptop Support 230V EU/UK - Black: The Hana™ Laptop Support has a gas spring arm which allows effortless finger touch height adjustment. The laptop stand has easily accessible rear facing fast charging dual USB ports to keep devices powered, and a built-in cable management system to keep wires tangle free.
  • SmartFit Easy Riser Laptop Cooling Stand: The Easy Riser™ lifts your laptop to promote airflow, reducing strain on the laptop battery and circuitry. It also raises the screen to increase your comfort.
  • Number Slide Compact Keyboard Wired USB: The Number Slide’s retractable number pad slides out when you need it and away when you are finished. This feature delivers important ergonomic advantages over conventional standard or mini keyboards. Compared to standard keyboards, Number Slide reduces the distance you need to reach and use your mouse, which allows you to adopt a more comfortable and suitable posture.
  • Standivarius Piano Wired Mini Keyboard: The Standivarius Piano Mini Keyboard is an ultraportable ergonomic keyboard with chiclet style keys that have flat tops, a scissor mechanism and extra spacing for a modern look and satisfyingly tactile typing. This QWERTY layout keyboard is perfectly suited to agile working thanks to its slim, lightweight shape that slips effortlessly into your laptop bag. You can use Standivarius Piano Mini Keyboard with your desktop computer, or with a laptop stand and mouse to create a comfortable ergonomic set up.
  • Penclic Mini Keyboard KB3 Bluetooth Black: The outer casing on this latest compact model is constructed from lightweight, glossy aluminium - making it one of the sturdiest, most durable mini keyboards on the market. The rounded, low-profile keys are comfortable and satisfying to tap for speedy work - and the rubber feet underneath will stop the keyboard from moving no matter how voracious a typist you are.
  • Targus Compact Wired Multimedia Keyboard: Take work anywhere with the Targus Compact Wired Multimedia Keyboard, featuring modern, satisfying-to-press keys and a compact design with no number pad to improve your typing position. The keyboard features built-in multimedia shortcut keys to make it easier and faster for you to navigate key functions on your computer. Plug and play USB connectivity means you can get going straight away - whether on a train, in a cafe, or on the go.
  • Ark Keyboard RF Black: Whether you hot-desk, travel around for work, or use a laptop as your daily computer, the compact Ark keyboard is the perfect companion. Take it with you as you go, using the wireless technology to connect instantly to any computer or laptop to start working immediately. No set-up, no wires, no worries. The keyboard is small and light for easy transportation and even comes in a soft black pouch for padded protection. The glossy black finish and eye-catching curve makes it an attractive addition to any desk set-up at home or in the office.
  • V7 Standard USB Optical Mouse - Black: The V7 3-Button optical mouse features highly durable material that provides a smooth gliding experience. The texture of the plastic surface allows for minimal mouse movements and maximum precision.
  • V7 MV3000 USB Wired Mouse - Black: The MV3000 full sized Plug & Play USB optical LED mouse has a comfortable universal design with seamless point and click interaction. This high quality space saving 3 button mouse includes a built-in scroll wheel with enhanced tactile button and tracking feedback. The 1000 dpi optical sensor provides precise and swift cursor movement for easy smooth navigation.
  • Microsoft Mobile Mouse 4000: There's a lot to be said for simplicity. The compact Mobile Mouse 4000 by Microsoft combines a simple design with the latest technology to improve your computing on-the-go. Use your mouse on any surface - from your couch to the boardroom using the Microsoft BlueTrack Technology, which allows you to navigate your device wirelessly up to 15 feet away. When it’s time to pack up and go, you’ll hardly notice the tiny transceiver. Keep it plugged into your computer’s USB port, or tuck it into the underside of the mouse for travel.
  • Logitech M171 Wireless Mouse: The Logitech M171 Wireless Mouse offers reliable delay-free 2.4GHz connection from up to 10 metres away, making it ideal for presentations. An incredible 12-month battery life means you’ll have constant power when you’re out working on-the-go without needing to wire up. Simply insert the receiver in the USB port on your device and you’re away - perfect for agile workers. The curved, ambidextrous design of the mouse provides comfortable support for either hand. You can even reprogramme the buttons depending on your dominant hand.
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