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Reflex Monitor Arms

Reflex Monitor Arms
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The simple and cost-effective Reflex Single and Dual Monitor Arms raise one or two screens above the surface of your desk to free up space and give you complete viewing control.

Looking to expand your workstation? Reflex Dual Monitor Arm lifts two screens above the surface of your desk to increase productivity with a multi-display set-up.

Reduce eye, neck and shoulder strain by adjusting the height of your Reflex Single or Dual Monitor Arm so that your eyes are about level with the top of your screen/screens. Adjust the depth so that the screen is about an arm’s length from you.

Enjoy the built-in cable management system to keep your wires neat and cable free. The Reflex Monitor Arm securely supports monitors up to 8kg (the dual arm supports two monitors up to 8 kg), and comes with both a desk clamp and a grommet mount for easy attachment that suits your set-up.

  • Affordable single or dual monitor arm that’s both height and depth adjustable
  • Easy adjustment to find the perfect position for you
  • Crafted from durable, stylish black metal
  • Helps reduce the risk of eye, neck and shoulder strain
  • Maximises desk space and keeps wires tidy with in-built cable management
  • Height extends to 450 mm, with 420 mm of reach (380 mm for the dual arm)
  • Supports monitors up to 8kg
  • Secure and easy attachment options are included: clamp to your desk, or use the grommet mount
Dimensions (H x W x D):
Single arm: 550 x 116 x 490 mm
Dual arm: 550 x 116 x 726 mm
Single arm: 3.03 kg
Dual arm: 4.13 kg
3 years
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