Salli Multiadjuster - Black

Salli Multiadjuster - Black
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The development of the saddle chair formed around the sound ergonomics of the riding saddle. The ergonomic saddle chair improves posture, soothes backaches and stands out as a distinctive piece of furniture at home or in the office.

As a great ergonomic alternative to a normal workstation combine a saddle chair with a height adjustable table.

Innovative saddle ergonomic design

Allows the user to sit with an angle of around 135° between torso and upper leg, and the same between the upper and lower leg.

Divided seat with adjustable seat width

Legs are splayed to between 60° and 90°. Divided seat reduces pressure in the genital area for increased comfort.

Hand controlled height and inclination adjustment with gas spring

Can be personalised to different user heights.

Suitable for work surface heights: 800-900 mm
Chair colour:
Chair weight:
11.5 kg
Weight capacity:
120 kg
5 years
Q: How do I adjust the height adjustment?

There is a lever on the left hand side of your stool. Lift the lever up and when the seat height feels right, release the lever to lock in place.

Q: My gas stem seems a little stiff – is this normal?

Sometimes, over time, the gas stem can become a little stiff when trying to adjust the height. A quick and easy fix for this is using WD-40 or Vaseline. Apply a light layer of grease to the gas stem, then try adjusting the gas stem 3-4 times. The gas stem should now adjust easily.

Q: Can I adjust the angle of my Salli Multiadjuster seat?

Hold onto your Salli Multiadjuster with your hand and release the inclination mechanism by lifting up the lever located far back on the left hand side of your stool. When adjusting the angle, press or lift the seat by hand; at first the mechanism is a little stiff. When the angle feels right, release the lever to lock the mechanism. In the best inclination position you do not feel like you’re sliding forward or backwards, and your back gets a natural curve.

Q: How do I change the width adjustment of my Salli Multiadjuster seat?

Open the locked mechanism by pushing the lever, located at the back of the seat, sideways with your palm. Move the seat parts into the desired position by sliding them together or apart. Lock the mechanism by snapping the lever from right to left.

Still having problems?

Please give our customer services team a call on +44 (0) 345 345 0010.

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