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Sunu Band
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Sunu Band uses radar and augmented reality to open up the world for people with low sight. more info
£288.00 £240.00
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Sunu Band is a discreet sonar smartband that alerts you to upcoming obstacles by vibrating on your wrist. This compact smartwatch-inspired band works by sending out high frequency sound waves that bounce off objects up to sixteen feet away, alerting you to their proximity with a series of pulses. The faster the pulse, the closer the object. You can even adjust the sonar waves for indoor and outdoor environments. This way you can build a mental map of the world around you, boosting your confidence, reducing collisions and helping you get to where you need to be with greater ease.

Sunu Band has a simple interface with two side buttons and a sensitive touch pad. Functionality is simple and easy to learn. Download the Sunu Band app to benefit from frequently updated features, including telling the time, setting alarms and tracking your activity levels. Keep power for up to three days with the micro USB charger and wear with comfort and confidence in all weathers thanks to the hypoallergenic, sweat-proof, water-resistant materials.

  • High frequency soundwaves detect objects up to sixteen feet away
  • Pulses increase in frequency the closer you get
  • Band is hypoallergenic, sweat and water-resistant for all-day comfort
  • Update, customise and get new features and apps that fit your active lifestyle
  • Use app to tell the time, set alarms and track activity levels
  • Powerful battery stays charged for up to three days with normal use
  • Easy-to-connect micro USB charger
40 g
16 feet
Rechargable (1-2 hours)
2 years
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