Tilde® Pro C+ Noise-Cancelling Bluetooth Dongle Headphones

Tilde® Pro C+ Noise-Cancelling Bluetooth Dongle H...
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Even if your office or home environment is noisy, ensure crystal-clear calls with these professional headphones designed in France. more info
£414.00 £345.00
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The 'Active Noise Cancelling' offered by the high-quality professional Tilde® Pro C+ Noise-Cancelling Bluetooth Dongle Headphones lets you choose how much external noise you want to let in, to concentrate in a quiet place or stay connected to your work surroundings. Astute TILDE® VOICE FIRST technology developed by the R&D team at Orosound in France has a unique signal processing algorithm which separates voice from noise. Turn down the ambient noise and enjoy conversation that’s noise-free and confidential.

With Plug and Play connection, the Tilde® headphones enable Bluetooth 5.0, audio-USB, audio jack and RJ9 options.

These headphones come with an Orosound Bluetooth USB dongle which is USB-A compatible and has a 20 metre range.

The boom-microphone is detachable and the over-ear ear pads large and supremely comfortable.

Control useful features on one easy-to-use button: short press for picking up and ending a call, and long press for Apple Siri and Google Assistant.

  • Noise reduction for improved concentration
  • Crystal-clear audio
  • Red 'busy light' to avoid being interrupted while on a call
  • Detachable boom-microphone
  • Linear noise reduction: slide up and down
  • Bluetooth pairing, with 20 metres range in free field
  • Vocal commands: Apple Siri and Google Assistant
  • Battery life of up to 28 hours
  • Dongle included
Ear pads:
Wired and wireless
215 grams
Noise cancellation:
Active noise-cancelling: 4 microphones
Tilde® Voice First:
6 microphones
HD audio:
Two 40mm speakers
Vocal commands:
Compatible Siri and Google Assistant
USB-C included and USB-jack in option
Soft case
Battery life:
Up to 28 hours
Charging time:
Full battery in 2 hours, 50% in 30 minutes
Recharge cable:
Bluetooth 5.0:
Connect to 2 devices simultaneously
Bluetooth range:
20 metres in free field
Wired connection:
Audio USB (audio jack in option)
For PC compatibility, with USB and Bluetooth compatability
3 years (1 year for dongle)

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