Vision Laptop/Tablet Stand, Piano Mini Keyboard & V7 Optical Mouse

Vision Laptop/Tablet Stand, Piano Mini Keyboard & ...
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Now £156.24 £130.20
Customize Vision Laptop/Tablet Stand, Piano Mini Keyboard & V7 Optical Mouse
Vision Laptop/Tablet Stand   SKU: 9820951 + £101.94 £84.95
Standivarius Piano Mini Keyboard   SKU: 9877011 + £44.71 £37.26
V7 Standard USB Optical Mouse - Black   SKU: 9745221 + £9.59 £7.99
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This pack includes all you need for a portable, ergonomic workstation. It's made up of some of the best accessories available, including:

  • Vision Laptop/Tablet Stand
  • Standivarius Piano Mini Keyboard
  • V7 Standard USB Optical Mouse
Vision Laptop/Tablet Stand

The Vision Laptop/Tablet stand puts a stop to tech neck - unfold it from its light-as-air flatpack form to instantly create a solid, adjustable stand that will bring your laptop or tablet up to a suitable height and viewing angle. Vision will help improve your posture while you work, reducing the risk of aches, pains and long-term injury. There’s no need to worry about the extra weight in your bag either. The Vision Laptop/Tablet Stand is made with a strong, lightweight material called Hylite, which has polypropylene core and aluminium outer skins. The result is a product that’s beautifully sleek, slim and light while offering remarkable strength — even in its moving parts (tests show that hinge application is unimpaired even after 80,000 bends). The clever design means that Vision folds completely flat: a slim, light, unintrusive addition to your bag wherever you go.

  • A hybrid ergonomic laptop and tablet stand suited to agile working
  • Hylite composite material is strong, light and flexible
  • Clever design folds totally flat for portability
  • Can be configured easily for laptop or tablet
  • Choice of viewing angles
Standivarius Piano Mini Keyboard

The Standivarius Piano Mini Keyboard is an ultraportable ergonomic keyboard with chiclet style keys that have flat tops, a scissor mechanism and extra spacing for a modern look and satisfyingly tactile typing. This QWERTY layout keyboard is perfectly suited to agile working thanks to its slim, lightweight shape that slips effortlessly into your laptop bag. You can use Standivarius Piano Mini Keyboard with your desktop computer, or with a laptop stand and mouse to create a comfortable ergonomic set up.

  • Ultra slim, lightweight design that’s easy to transport
  • Chiclet style keys with scissor mechanism for tactile typing
  • Stylish, modern appearance
  • Mini keyboard design reduces travel distance between keyboard and mouse to reduce risk of discomfort and injury
  • Mac compatible, but limited functionality
  • Wired connectivity
V7 Standard USB Optical Mouse - Black

The V7 3-Button optical mouse features highly durable material that provides a smooth gliding experience. The texture of the plastic surface allows for minimal mouse movements and maximum precision.

  • Avago Sensing Technology at 1000 dpi
  • Comfortable built-in Scroll Wheel
  • USB interface
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