Ergotron WorkFit-TL Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation

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Now £666.00 £555.00
Now £666.00 £555.00
The WorkFit-TL is for users with larger workspace set-ups who still want an easy way to transform their desk into a sit-stand station. read more
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Lead Time: 3 Working Days
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Reasons to Buy

Simply place the WorkFit-TL standing desk converter on your existing desk to free yourself from your chair.

With a larger keyboard tray, wider work-surface and higher weight capacity, there’s now more room than ever to spread your equipment. Adjust your WorkFit-TL throughout the day from sitting to standing height to encourage movement, change your posture, burn more energy, and reduce your risk of sitting-related problems. Studies show these can include: diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular disease and musculoskeletal disorders.

You can opt for the more compact WorkFit-T in both black and white.

  • WorkFit-TL provides 38 cm of vertical adjustment so you can instantly move to sit or stand as you work.
  • Standing periodically while at your desk promotes health and fitness by burning more calories and reducing the risk of sitting-related problems.
  • Simply release hand-brake levers on either side of unit to position the surface higher or lower.
  • Extremely stable and solid platform.
  • Space-saving design does not protrude beyond tabletop.
  • No cranks or motors to engage. Counterbalancing mechanism uses CF™ technology to facilitate quick height adjustment.
  • Ships fully assembled. Sits directly on top of desk - no special mounting or tool-adjustments required for installation.
Fits on desk surfaces:
610 mm deep or larger
Max screen size:
4.5-18.1 kg
381 mm
Keyboard moves in tandem with the work-surface. Tray is positioned 114 mm below work-surface to maintain ergonomic spacing between screen height and keyboard
Keyboard tray (W x D):
690 x 280 mm
Product weight:
25.5 kg
5 years