CBS Ollin Dynamic Monitor Arm

CBS Ollin Dynamic Monitor Arm
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Meet Ollin: something a little different to other computer monitor arms. more info
Now £270.00 £225.00
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Ollin is unique in that it’s the only monitor arm on the market that can accommodate weights from 0-9 kg, which means it can be used for mobiles, tablets and laptops as well as desktop computers.

These devices are vital to so many roles that it's important we learn how use them as ergonomically as possible. Being able to draw your device up to eye-level avoids the on-set of disruptive musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) that are a top cause of high absenteeism and low productivity in Britain.

Ollin comes with a choice of fittings to make it as easy as possible to install in your office:

  • Top mount clamp - for use on desk with sliding worktops.
  • Split clamp - when there is limited access to desk edges.
  • Grommet mount - mounts arm into standard grommet hole.
  • Through desk - for use in grommet hole or pre-drilled hole.

The smooth, responsive movement means you can find your perfect posture instantly - whether using your device in landscape or portrait. In fact it’s so easy to move the Ollin into the right position that you’ll do it without even noticing.

Ollin also helps you keep a tidy, clutter-free desk with its intelligent cable management system. Freeing up desk space again allows for a more ergonomic mouse and keyboard set-up by helping you avoid over-stretching.

Want to use a sit-stand platform?
Simply choose an extended height desk clamp to increase your Ollin monitor arm's height range.

  • Unique technical cord movement which means arms can accommodate anything between 0 kg and 9 kg.
  • Smooth, intuitive movement for seamless workflow between devices.
  • Perfect for an agile working environment where multiple devices are required.
  • Comes in 3 colours: silver, white and black.
  • Choose between 180° and 360° rotation with stop function.
  • VESA 75 and 100 monitor head compliant.
  • 3 fixing options for different workspaces (see specs for details).
  • Excellent for positioning mobile devices ergonomically at eye-level for reduced risk of MSDs.
Fixing options:
Top mount clamp: fits desk thickness from 12-25 mm
Split clamp: fits desk thickness from 0-65 mm
Grommet mount: fits desk thickness from 0-55 mm
Through desk: fits standard ø75 mm grommet hole
Horizontal adjustment: 674 mm for desk clamp versions
Vertical adjustment: 346 mm for desk clamp versions
12 years

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